Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Gamer review scans

Read up on the first review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with 8 pages of scans.

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BakedGoods2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Reading the last four paragraphs gave me chills.

Day one.

trainsinrdr2308d ago

SKYRIM is better than every game that has and ever will be announced for the rest of gaming history until its sequel arrives.

KING_KAI2308d ago

and what has skyrim got to do with deus ex?

frelyler2306d ago

Can I borrow your time machine, I really want to win powerball.

Ducky2308d ago

... Pepsi Ex Machina.


HAF9122308d ago

pre-ordered and cant wait. preload on steam + play second 1 its released.

fluffydelusions2308d ago

Anyone know how long the game is?

pr0digyZA2308d ago

The review said 27 hours for him. So depending on how you play it could be longer or shorter especially if you don't explore the world.

BeOneWithTheGun2308d ago

Hell, I heard 30+ if you don't use stealth!

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The story is too old to be commented.