Awesome Black and White Arkham City Joker Image Revealed This recurrent Arkham City black and white design scheme has been shown off throughout the game's lead up and now it's Joker's turn.

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Miiikeyyy2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

WTF has he been eating :p

Corepred42547d ago

Poison Ivy, it looks like.

Miiikeyyy2547d ago

Must say though, Awesome Pic it is indeed!

Micro_Sony2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

What I dont get with the video game is why does'nt the joker have the scar smile instead he just has a paint smile?

Edit: @ below - that explains it. The Batman time line and story is really inconsistent and confusinf some times. For example the Joker from The first Batman Movie tells a story that Batman was trying to catch infamous criminal Jack Napier, Batman knocks him into a vat of chemicals creating his arch nemesis The Joker. The accident drives Jack mad and he begins to plot a takeover of the crimeworld and the downfall of Batman, almost entirely out of jealousy on how much press the hero is getting.

In Dark Knight Batman is introduced to the Joker differently and the joker got those scars from his father when he came home drunk and after killing his mother with a knife turned on him (he was 8) and cut him those scars after saying 'why so serious?'.

Pozzle2547d ago

"What I dont get with the video game is why does'nt the joker have the scar smile instead he just has a paint smile?"

In the comics, Joker has a bleached face/red lips. Not scars. Presumably, that's the Joker they're basing it off.

Micro_Sony2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Even the movie is not consistent with his look.

My point was that I like the Dark knight look better but they did an amazing job in Batman AA to make the joker feel like the joker.

FacelessGod2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Well done, best comment I've read in a long while!

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CameronL992547d ago

He's been eating that ooze stuff from the first Batman game that turned him into that giant mohawk sporting freak lol

maniactadpole2547d ago

Damn, he looks menacing !!

mafiahajeri2547d ago


Brownghost2547d ago

Anyone read "the joker" by brian azzarellow cause the cover looks the same. God I would love a large movie poster of this in my room or one of batman witha bloody mouth

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