How To Watch Starcraft 2 And Why Should You Care: The Basics

"Throughout history, man has competed against another in the fierce arena of the sports world. Ranging from the ancient Greece Olympics to the modern day Superbowl, humans seem to have a love of these games played at professional levels. They offer us entertainment, competition, and a sense of team or player loyalty."

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gameguru2574d ago

This was indeed very helpful

ATi_Elite2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Holy Cow now that's a Lan Party my friend.

Looks like they are in a Airplane Hanger. Total fun going on there.

I watch SC2 tournaments all the time. I still suck at SC2 but oh well i enjoy watching and playing.

TomInc2573d ago

Definitely interesting stuff!

Pandamobile2574d ago

I think I've spent more time watching SC2 casts on Youtube than actually playing the game.

The Matrix2574d ago

There is so much thinking, planning and studying in an RTS game. That's why I hope they never disappear.

PhoenixDevil2574d ago

wow just come off of playing a few rounds on Starcraft n its the most recent story here :P

2-3 months ago I didnt really care for it at all and then I saw a few pro matches n had to try n now I'm playing it all the time fighting through the Bronze league :D

The Matrix2574d ago

Hey, watch out man I got sucked into an RTS game called Impossible Creatures a few years ago and it took every extra minute of my life for the next 2 years. =/

PhoenixDevil2574d ago

yh I'm trying to moderate my time on Starcraft but its tough, so much to try n so much to improve I play pretty bad but for the short time I've had it I'm probably progressing well, what makes it worse tho is I'm between jobs so a lot of time free