Fans Prefer Linkin Park's Music As The Theme Song for League of Legends

Tencent has opened a "best theme song for League of Legends" election few days ago unknowingly, according to fans' feedbacks, the winner is Linkin Park for sure, which has already beaten other famous bands from inland, HongKong and Taiwan, by earning 60,000 votes. And Linkin's "BlackOut", "Crawling", and "Numb", which are being widely circulated worldwide, are the three theme songs for LoL.

Before that, many fans had created their own game videos, especially for e-sport games, by using music from Linkin's albums. And those three masterpieces from Linkin Park has become the most classic music highly admired and widely used by Chinese fans when making a CS or Dota or SC-like video.

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Rushing_Punch2613d ago

Guess this is another reason to avoid LOL

silkrevolver2612d ago

...I will never prefer Linkin Park over anything ever... except for maybe Nickleback.

BubbleSniper2612d ago

with this article in mind...i was struck by a vision.. a most prestigious universal facepalm then lightning-bolted through my mental corridors as if getting kicked in by the S.W.A.T team

v1c1ous2612d ago

well that's one less game off my mind!

256bit2612d ago

since when did mike ditch his baggy clothing for the skinny clothing.

DoomeDx2612d ago

Since Linkin Park started the minutes to midnight album. They went downhill from there

synchroscheme2612d ago

I wasn't aware Linkin Park ever made it uphill to begin with.