Rumor: Treyarch Working on Black Ops 2

LMG: Some quick research will lead you to find that there have been rumors that Treyarch is working on Black Ops 2. Official Xbox Magazine has stated in their most recent issue’s (September 2011) Crystal Ball that Treyarch is in fact working on Black Ops 2.

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Rushing_Punch2395d ago

They just need to bite the bullet and make Call of Duty: Zombies

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subtenko2395d ago

Actually if they made a COD that is in the BC era, I'd actually buy that (cause I dont know of any first person games like that)

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Micro_Sony2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Here you go and you can probably get this BC era shooter for $1

or you can play Turok which was a good game for its time.

BulletToothtony2395d ago

I will NEVER buy another treyarch game again in my life,
How can you mess the hit detection on an FPS game? Only way to get a kill is to spray, burst weapons are worthless unless you're host.

ape0072395d ago

guys u know im a huge cod fan but if treyarch gonna do BO2

count me as a CoD hater

elmaton982395d ago

They can make all the black flop they want but if there no zombie on it there is no buy for me.

MSpence5162395d ago

I think it is safe to say every year when these articles come out, that they are not rumors.

RBLAZE19882395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Rumor: The Earth's surface is heated by the sun.

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Hellsvacancy2395d ago

So when is Call Of Duty 5 comin out? are we gonna be stuck with 4 until next gen starts

DaBadGuy2395d ago

Call of Duty 5 would have to be a fresh take on the series. CoD4 Modern Warfare began this whole reign because of how great it was, but everything after that was the same. WaW was just another WWII game and then Black Ops was a sequel to that, same with MW 1-3.

Activision will continue with Modern Warfare and the Black Ops series because it works and sells like crazy. If someone comes up with a fresh idea in the series that will work, then that will be Call of Duty 5.

But don't hold your breath.

PRHB HYBRiiD2395d ago

I bet they are working on the DLC too...

trainsinrdr2395d ago

Black ops doesn't deserve a sequel, if anything they should just make a new IP COD like religious or marine warfare or some other retarded bullsh*t but they would be better of making a zombie only game.

Laypoof2395d ago

I know it's become a cliche to say 'so and so' franchise is getting milked. But it is without a shadow of doubt, a f***ing sad FACT that call of doody is being milked to DEATH. And the worst part about it all is how many sheep there are that will continue buying this garbage.

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