GND - Is Call of Duty Destroying Gaming?

Remember your first time playing Modern Warfare? How it redefined shooters with its graphics,the amazing gameplay set in modern time. Remember calling an air strike on someone in multiplayer? Good times. Call of Duty has been around since 2003 when the first game of the series came out and has spawned many sequels that have been very well received.

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BeastlyRig2547d ago

No! gamers are destroying games..

hamoor2547d ago

No. nothing is destroying anything....
In fact, cod helps the industry into bringing new gamers.
My friend never touched a console in his life but when I let him play mw2 with me the other week he bought an xbox 360 and he got mw2,forza and bioshock 1.

DanSolo2547d ago

Yeah I agree with hamoor, COD's easiness to get into and popularity does bring non-gamers into gaming and is actually helping gaming become more mainstream (I know gaming is already mainstream, but there are alot of people who still consider it to be a kids thing).

COD does need to be toppled a bit from it's throne as it does hamper other devs from being innovative in the FPS genre as they are worried that going too far will result in lack of sales.

COD has it's place though.... it is NOT the best FPS by a long shot... but it doesn't have to be... it just has to be fast and fun to people who don't want to spend hours and days of their lives getting their skills up...

Me personally will be playing the ass off of Battlefield 3 when it comes out... but I don't begrudge the COD fans their game... and when COD becomes interesting to me again I may start playing again!

Fil1012547d ago

No COD is killing itself

HK62547d ago Show
Lionhead2547d ago

If anything I think it changed Publisher and Developer mindsets when they are creating these games.

They are looking at Call of Duty's success and trying to replicate those results very much so. It certainly has shown how online has become a very big selling point for games. I just don't understand why some developers feel the need to tack on useless multiplayer features that may or may not deter from the development of the single player experience.

CoD's success past Modern Warfare has been on name alone though, without significant change it just keeps racking on the millions of sales.

jdfoster002547d ago

COPY AND PASTE FROM COD 4. So yes. Needs new engine and new improved tech. Not the same 9 year old engine. I'm working on a new title for pc which uses better tech than that! (If I had the money to put into marketing I could be that successful as could anybody- just the marketing they do get's their game popular. Fun Fact... did you know Activision spends more on Marketing for COD that they spend on actually making the game. =p (source:-......)

HardCover2547d ago

It's not necessarily the engine....

Look at Blizzard. WoW started as a modified Warcraft 3 engine, and here we are with a MASSIVELY flexible game.

Look at Valve. Source and all the variety it provides.

Look at Unreal Engine. Lot of people do similar things with it, but it's not always the engine's fault.

Activision simply doesn't want to change their formula until it makes them significantly less money. I wouldn't mind them reusing the same engine as long as they TRIED to make a proper sequel with it.

IQUITN4G2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I do find the fasination of it as a bit irritating but then it's not hurting me any so i can hardly complain

It does however influence how devs will approach that certain multiplayer aspect which is a shame

Cod is so huge because it's easy to pick up and play fairly well quickly. Personally i don't enjoy the way online encounters last generally only half a second if that
. If i do go online then it's to play Halo, where most kills take a little more time as you work away at the enemy

I think sad fact is most people don't care about the single play but then again it's this current fasination

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