PS3 sales: software and hardware (July 16th-23rd)

PSNow! reviews the sales of PS3 hardware and software between 16th and 23rd July.

PS3 is once again the world's best selling console with 137,500 units, ahead Wii (116,000) and Xbox360 (115,000).

Regarding the software, these are the best-selling games of the week:

-NCAA Football 12 to 87,500 (for a total of 285,000)
-No More Heroes: Red Zone - 33,000 units (new release)
-inFamous 2 to 33,000 units (a total of 692 000) - Note: not accounted for PSN downloads
-Call of Duty: Black Ops - 31,500 (a total of 10.387 million)
-LA Noire - 30 400 (for a total of 1.697 million) - Note: the PS3 version becomes the best selling
-Call of Juarez: The Cartel - 30,300 units (new release)
-God of War III - 29,000 units (a total of 3.942 million)
-Alice Madness Returns - 26,600 units (a total of 109,000)
-Sniper: Ghost Warrior - 23,500 units (a total of 222...

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Bzone242608d ago

'Source: VGChartz'

Does anything else really need to be said about this article?

alousow2608d ago

damn god of war 3 still sale

Agent_hitman2608d ago

Wow COD Black ops still selling well on ps3 despite of many issues like glitches, a total of 10 million unit were sold on the ps3... amazing...

Activision should give compliment to sony for this, and not ditch ps3... Damn activision

aquamala2608d ago

It's only the best selling ps3 game of all time

Agent_hitman2608d ago

I concur but, I don't like the publisher... they are Pro microsoft...

KratosGod32608d ago

"PS3 is once again the world's best selling console"
Enough said :b

2608d ago
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