Adults shouldn’t prejudge the Cars 2 video game: PS3 review (Product Reviews)

Product-Reviews writes: As an adult I was surprised for a number of reasons. Firstly was the games difficulty, after the first few stages were out of the way, races got harder very quickly that even I had trouble completing.

As a keen GT5 and Forza Motorsport gamer I did not expect some of the extras in Cars 2 that keep you hooked, which kept us playing for longer. This included gaining extras for drifting like energy turbos, collecting badges and crests. The achievements are vast and include things like using 15 turbos in a single event, driving through 10 fruit stands in the Italy area, spending 5 minutes drafting cars, and some harder tasks like hitting the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival mode.

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Lord_Sloth2487d ago

I dislike most racing games in general aside from Burnout and Mario Kart.

Lord_Sloth2487d ago

I has disagrees. Guess I don't like Burnout and Mario Kart after all.

thorstein2487d ago

If it is by the same devs that made Toy Story 3 then it is worth a go.