My Wife, The Casual Gamer, Reacts to Catherine

Josh from Gaming Irresponsibly plays Catherine with his wife, hilarity ensues

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Rushing_Punch2609d ago

This is pretty funny, maybe you should have her play amnesia with you

agentxk2609d ago

She actually did that a few weeks ago!

tiffac2609d ago

Awesome article agentxk!

Truly FTW!

agentxk2609d ago

The positive reaction to these is great, my wife loves to see people like this! Swing by and leave a comment and also suggest next week's title.

NewMonday2609d ago

Shadows of the Damned, you have to

Marceles2608d ago

You had a Catherine dream? many times did you die before you woke up? lol

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VINNIEPAZ2609d ago

I havent played it yet but my girl had a blast playing it. It was funny watching her cuss out Vincent, "Just tell her you have a girl idiot!!"


Cal6642609d ago

So gutted that the UK release for this is so late. Still good job you made the right choices good sir.

Akth8r2608d ago

I had no idea i was looking for it on amazon, also i cant seem to find the demo on psn...i dont want to create another us account...

radphil2609d ago

It's actually nice that she enjoyed watching you play that agentxk.

beastgamer2609d ago

is it me, or does on the the pics looks like an ass with a tongue

sarshelyam2609d ago

There would be a reason why you see such a demented image, and that reason is pretty clear. REALITY!

XI_-Minty-_IX2609d ago

That's because it IS an ass with a tongue.

It's a boss.

sarshelyam2609d ago

Great read! I've caught my wife looking over her shoulder to watch this while she was at the computer...always when I have to answer a morality-aimed question.

Definitely one of the best communal releases of our time.

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The story is too old to be commented.