This Year's Most Important Releases Fall This November

Rhillis from Gaming Irresponsibly talks about the most impactful releases in November and if you should be getting your wallet ready for them.

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Supman2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

its jammed with games all year around
starting September.

agentxk2609d ago

I agree, my poor wallet.
Ironically, I almost never have time to play games for enjoyment. I'll be finishing most of them hopefully by the middle of next year

Electroshocked2609d ago

@Rushing_Punch Sucks for me more, I recently got the ''The hard disk's file system is corrupted and will be restored'' loop on my PS3 and I don't know how to recover my saved game data, I'm now close to losing the will to play all together.

xPhearR3dx2609d ago

Need for Speed: The Run is a "Must Buy" but Saints Row: The Third is a "Pass"??? WTF. This guy is off his meds.

xPhearR3dx2608d ago

Need for Speed? Please. 3 NFS games will be out in just 1 year when On The Run ships. This will be the first Saints Row game in 3 years. NFS is worse than sports games when it comes to releases.

Rushing_Punch2609d ago

What about Minecraft and Cave Story 3D? I'm sure you missed more! Saint's Row 3 being a pass? Really?

Cal6642609d ago

I just can't wait for Halo it's so close now

trainsinrdr2609d ago

Damn ive yet to buy a single game this year besides dead space 2!
I think ill buy la noire next even though someone already spoiled the ending for me :(

firemassacre2609d ago

my wallets done, dark souls, skyrim, resistance 3, uncharted 3, batman arkhan city, portal 2, gears 3, twisted metal and journey. oh and i still need to buy infamous 2.

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