Shanghai Cyclone Uses Sex Appeal To Advertise 'Pandora Saga'

Despite the Chinese government enforcing the banning of showgirls and booth babes from the ChinaJoy convention, publishers Shanghai Cyclone decided that pictures didn't count and released a bunch of images of a pretty lady dressed as a vampire to advertise the Japanese MMORPG 'Pandora Saga.'

The government might not approve, but the game certainly got the attention of convention attendees.

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ATi_Elite2572d ago

Not enough sex appeal there to make me the darn website is in Chinese so i have NO clue what it could be selling Chinese kids for all i know.

if you submit an article please make sure it's in English or has a translator built into the web page.

Hicken2571d ago

Remember: sex appeal varies by culture. What she has on is considerably "sexy" in a very conservative Chinese culture.

As for the language thing, that makes sense.

Pozzle2571d ago

I summed it up in the above summary, but most of the info we already know because the game was released over here a while ago. The rest was just describing the pictures. At least...according to google translate. :O

tigertron2571d ago

More like a dictatorship.

Screw the Chinese government...

bozebo2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )


Love the way I got 5 agrees and 3 disagrees. Does that mean 40% of people would rather live in China and have their freedoms taken away? Go ahead, leave the rest of the world for the other 60% of us.

Kakihara2571d ago

Whatever they're selling I'll take a hundred.

Chrono2571d ago

Sex appeal? That's just a cute way of advertising.

GamingDead2571d ago

The straight translation is hilarious

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