Sad But True: Battlefield is Too Hardcore to Overthrow Call of Duty

It’s all over the internet and the gaming websites: Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? EA and Activision have been trading blows with each other for months now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop until the year’s out. Two juggernaut franchises vying for top shooter. Meanwhile, gamers are expected to spend $74 Billion this year and it’s safe to say that gaming is socially accepted. So who will win? Battlefield 3 will put up one hell of a fight, but Modern Warfare 3 will win. Not because it’s a better game, but because it’s casual enough for anyone to play.

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Septic2549d ago

If true, its a good thing. Do you really want a torrent of 12 year old kids invading your beloved game?

Battlefield relies on teamwork. That immediately filters out the pre-pubescent Rambo wannabees.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago

My mute button and full squad does that already. Either way I'm only paying full price for BF3. I'll pick up MW3 when it's 20 or 30 bones.

thorstein2548d ago

I am too. And by that time the cheaters and laggers will have moved on to Blops2.

Coheno2548d ago

Normally don't buy any used games... But CoD might now be the exception to the rule!

Shepherd 2142548d ago

It wont be 20 or 30 bucks for a long, long time. For some reason, even though a new Call of Duty is already released, the previous installment takes forever to have a significant price drop.

I dont get it.

CameronL992548d ago

This idiot writer thinks Call of Duty is a casual game? Clearly he has no life whatsoever if CoD is considered casual to him - when so many hardcore no-life job-less wackos play it 12 hours a day - he fits right in with those people, thus the accusation that CoD is too 'casual'.
You're going to get newbs and no-lifers on every online game, there really isn't an online game out there where everyone who plays it is just looking to have a good casual romp of gaming, there's always weirdos on every game on every platform. Its the obssessive gamers (and cheaters) that make it too difficult and frustrating, or "hardcore" if you will.

flankhim2548d ago

It's more fun to rambo it up. Especially in DA CHOPPA!

AKS2548d ago

I already preordered BF 3 and am in the Alpha.

As for MW3, I'll pay what I paid for Black Ops: nothing, because I'm not wasting my time or cash for a mediocre game.

ChrisW2548d ago

I wouldn't call CoD a game for casual gamers, but I would call it an overly arcadey game. Which is why I prefer Battlefield.

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chidori6662548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

so much hate,BF trolls fanboys keep saying MW3 will be a rehash, an expansion,etc.

I can spend MY money the way I want and buy games I like and honestly all the crap the BF3 fanboys are saying just makes me not want to get BF3 anymore.

DanSolo2548d ago

I am getting Battlefield over COD as I have grown bored of COD and think Battlefield is just a better game, but I totally agree with you... there is nothing wrong with liking COD and I don't see why people have to keep on bashing COD!


You do that. As long as u realize you're buying the same game since Modern Warfare. I've played all the COD games from the very beginning, and it's disgusting how nothing has changed yet they have so many fans

PS360PCROCKS2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

wtf are you talking about? Your mad that people have an opinion on a game they dislike? but you'll let that said opinion sway your opinion on whether you buy a game or not? You sound like a sad COD fan to me "Ya ya, well I won't buy BF3 cause you guys said COD will suck! wahhhh" really?

@dan there IS something wrong with liking COD. Your not supporting innovation and creativity when you support EVERY call of duty EVERY year. Everyone is free to their opinion and if you enjoy COD, that's fine be my guest. But for once i would like to see a message sent to Activision by voice of the gamers for not supporting rehashed games. COD needs to be a bi/tri-yearly game so that it can be an improvement every single time.

I LOVED COD4, absolutely thought it was the coolest game I had played this gen to that point. But it's all gone downhill from there and i would like to see the quality the series once had and was known for. Activision just rehashes it because it's their cash cow. I'd love to buy another COD, but at this point i won't support Activision until the series goes back to it's roots.

Ravenor2548d ago

Durrr,Modern Warfare 3 WILL be a rehash. Just like every CoD since CoD4, not to say it won't be fun. It will be fun, it's just not going to set the video game world on fire.

Everything about MW3 will have been seen before.

cooperdnizzle2548d ago

You contradict you're self right in you're comment man. You buy the games you want to buy and play the game's you want to play. Yet BF3 fanyboys make you not want to buy BF3 anymore. Something is wrong there. Like ya just said your self wouldn't ya just buy it if ya want to buy it. lol. People on this site are funny. But yes COD is the same game over and over. It is true they have been using the same engine for like 8 years. They didn't even build new engine for the new consoles. Heck they didn't even build there engine. Most overrated game besides halo, for sure.

evrfighter2548d ago

I really hope you don't buy it chidori. I'll make sure and teamkill everyone who's name comes close to yours just in case

GarandShooter2548d ago

@ evrfighter

Hahaha, that's some funny shit bro.

Have a bubble on me!

Imalwaysright2548d ago

"Your not supporting innovation and creativity when you support EVERY call of duty EVERY year" LMAO Besides the new engine whats so inovative on BF3? There isnt anything that we havent seen before on previous BF games. The only difference between BF3 and its predecessors is immersion... creativity my ass. Btw i say this without playing a single CoD game... ever!

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lil Titan2548d ago

they still should include a kick button some how an annoying person gets in the squad when we make it private, starts team killing after we muted them because there mic is too loud

Philoctetes2548d ago

Yeah, I really couldn't care less whether Battlefield "overthows" COD. All that matters is that I get to play it and it's going to have a great long-term community. I don't play sales.

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Sony3602548d ago

Fair point.

COD being a big noob-friendly arcade shooter just keeps more them out of Battlefield. Which is fine with me.

SITH2548d ago

Xbox live party chat eliminates the kiddies. Kids will inevitably buy the game. There exists proven methods to ignore them day and night.

bozebo2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

"Battlefield relies on teamwork."

no... or at least, BC2 didnt. All you need is a good aim and you can insta-kill everybody defending on the enemy team and plant the bomb unhindered, done it plenty of times.

It would require teamwork if it ever occurred that both teams have competent players, but then the bugs and hit-reg issues would break it enough for that to become irrelevant still.

vortis2548d ago

PC version requires teamwork and Bad Company 2 was/is far more noob friendly than Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 3.

Try playing Battlefield Play4Free and going'll get faceplanted every time by some snipers and a few supported ground troops.

ForTheFallen2548d ago

Pics or it didn't happen aka you're full of it.

Compared to Call of Duty, Battlefield might as well be co-op. They have squads (teamwork), they have squad commands (teamwork) (in BFBC2), which I'm pretty sure you never figured out if you were ramboing up like you say you were. Vehicles provided a collective threat and were dealt with as such (engineers would attack as medics and assault resupplied and supported) because if not, the whole squad got owned.

Whatever dude.

awi59512548d ago

Try that on BF3, im in the alpha this game is no joke. Yeah this is back to BF2 alright. Man no lone wolfing at all in BF3.

Petro2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Oh how wrong you are! I have few hundred hours of BC2 behind me and still probably few hours ahead of me, and I can easily say that rest of the people on your team does help, surely there are those freak accidents when you feel like you have to do everything on your own, but even then your just kidding yourself by saying that you are fighting on your own.

And play more Conquest as that is more team oriented.

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trainsinrdr2548d ago

No it is sad because only when cod is overthrown will this gen have more original fps that are inspired by good games.
Look at crysis 2 and resistance 2, they both ripped of cod multiplayer style by just having straight forward kill, die, kill, die gameplay instead of implementing a more team based system or trying something new and original.

solar2548d ago

after playing the Alpha Trial the gunplay is going to turn a lot of CoD defectors back to CoD. thr guns are insanely realistic so far in BF3.

MsclMexican2548d ago

Do the guns feel like they have weight to them? I know people may get mad when I say this, but since I own a ps3 Killzone is marketed as our hyper realistic shooter, even though some of the weapons are not, but the guns had that heavy feel to them. I prefer the heavy feel of guns in fps, which is why I like games like battlefield and Killzone the guns have that heavy feel and dont feel as loose as they do in COD

hiredhelp2548d ago

HELL YEH . its supposed to be hardcore its suposed to be challanging its supposed to be tactical.
What its not is a simple run and gun get a perk to your advantage to gain more easy kills.

thats not true modernwarfare.


MW3 looks like a generation below from BF3.

Using the same old engine, lol.

MsclMexican2548d ago

Black ops was the very first COD game I bought, but when I played it, I did not have any fun. I was the player who went for the objective all the time, but I never got help, I just keep hearing "freindly chopper inbound" Eventually I got bored, annoyed and ultimatley sold Black ops. I liked zombies because its team based and everyone worked together. This year Im buying Uncharted 3, Arkham City and Skyrim. But if I was to chose an FPS to buy, it would be battlefield, not COD. I might pick up battlefield day one if the multiplayer demo on consoles blows me away

zeddy2548d ago

forget teamwork all i ever play is free for all. i've never played battlefield becuase the maps are too big and all i want to do is shoot something not think about tactics. all i need is a mindlesss shooter were i can just pick up and play. but i'll wait to see if theres any connection issues first, if they havent fixed that shit by now i'll have to get bf3.

SuicideShaun2548d ago

Implying most people you play with really care about the teamwork to be honest.

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scotchmouth2549d ago

Actually it's going to come down to marketing and BF3 is going to do miles better than it has before. People tired of the COD experience will be looking for an alternative and probably will come to enjoy and appreciate BF3 for what it is.

While COD has done well in the past I think they are hitting their apex. Nothing stays "on top" forever.

princejb1342548d ago

people aren't tired of cod as much as you think, i still get online and see 500,000 people playing it

i understand if you don't like it but don't speak for others

Bladesfist2548d ago

every year more and more fans realize they are buying a piece of trash and leave that franchise, All of my friends have left the series and only my younger brother and his friends still play it.

bozebo2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Quite sad actually. BO doesn't count: the Treyarch games have always been cruddy so of course it is trash. (WaW was far better though)

CoD4 was a masterpiece, and MW2 was trying something a bit different. MW3 apparently goes back to what made CoD4 good - so it 'should' be the best CoD game yet if they properly build upon what 4 did right. The deal maker for me will be if it has dedis, no point buying it without. BF3 will probably have horrible gunplay again (and loads of bugs), but the way the maps play out makes it so much fun anyway and always worth buying... until they do something dumb like remove dedis but that wouldn't happen.

scotchmouth2548d ago

Perhaps I could have worded that better? The second sentence I wrote should read "people THAT ARE tired". Perhaps you thought I posted "People ARE tired".

Nothing I wrote implies that I have grown or dislike the series. The only thing my post implies is that this year BF is going to fare better due to marketing.

Saying that COD is hitting it's apex is just an observational comment and it's subjective at that.

Hope that clears things up.

Inside_out2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Another Battlefield fanboy starting to face's great!!! The peoples champ is going to smash the competition, especially the wannabe, Battlefield 3, but this fanboy knows that and now is lashing out...FANTASTIC. I said it would happen and know with the truth revealed with the footage getting out showing how bad Battlefield is, you will see more and more fanboys panicking.

There is nothing hardcore about Battlefield you silly rabbit, tanks and jets are last gen technology just like in the REAL world...times a changing. Battlefield is as old as health packs and while they are trying to steal the COD formula, it's to late. COD is the anti Battlefield...that is why it has double the sales of these wannabes.

COD is fast, it's deadly and it's exciting. The hardcore LIVE on COD. Playing battlefield is like riding a horse and firing a comparison.

" Play the game and see how few shots you really need to fire, it’s saddening, yet it works.". :o

How clueless is this walnut, he obviously has not played this game or is one of those guys that, like most cowards, tries and runs through the doesn't work btw. :/

COD MW3 is the peoples champ and the sooner the Battlefield 3 guys deal with this reality, the better off they will be and we won't have to read these cry out for help

Joel should change your name to Joel Bawl-injured. There is help out there for you Joel, you sound like you need some ;D

CrimsonEngage2549d ago

I think i speak for everyone when I say that you need to shut the fuck up.

S_C2548d ago


WOW !!!!!! you have been brain washed (you have just taken fanboyism to the next level with that running for president speach).

Back on topic ill be getting both, have the best of both worlds. (when i want somthing arcadey ill play COD and i when i want somthing more realistic ill play BF3)

Miiikeyyy2548d ago

Why do you waste your time writing so much crap? People will read up to 'especially the wannabee, Battlefield 3' and then stop. I'm sorry but I don't think you can be entitled to write something here.

DJDeez2548d ago

I didn't even get that far...

Etseix2548d ago

i pressed ctrl + f to search for that sh*t on all that text.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

COD is spray and pray noobfest. I can stop playing for a month then jump in and own those sad little COD kids with no effort at all.

Thix guy tried to play BF and sucked bad. Your noob ass COD doesn't even have bullet drop. Its not for the hardcore but noob lil kids who need killstreaks to win rounds. I play it because it's fun not because it's hard or hardcore. IMO it's more accessible but that's it.

bozebo2548d ago

this ^

But tbh BC2 was a spray and pray noobfest too. Or rather: throw infinite nades and pray noobfest, but at least the maps have enough space for you to move somewhere that won't bottleneck you into the explosions.

Hicken2548d ago

"Tanks and jets are last gen just like in real life," huh? So... we don't use tanks or jets anymore, got it.

I wish you had more bubbles just so I could see you flounder as you tried to back up your outlandish claims, just so I could laugh and then destroy your delusions.

Better, though, would be if you were just gone. When was the last time you quoted a fact? When was the last time a word you typed was NOT ignorant fanboy drivel?

DeathStrikeVirus2548d ago

The proof is in the article. The blue letters mean they are a "link". When you click this "link" it will take you to another website.

Nice take on my name, haven't seen that one before.

ape0072548d ago

i love both cod and bf but i like cod a lot more

getting both games, guys, appreciate what we have, both best war games on market, does it get any better

Stewie2k82548d ago

"sad fanboy rant" look whos talking... seriously mate i dont go spewing "get a life" to everyone like other people but you really need to get a life.

"COD MW3 is the peopls champ" hahahahahahhaha

MysticStrummer2548d ago

"Sad fanboy rant" It's hard to tell whether you mean that as commentary on the article or commentary on your own wall of fanboy text. You and the rest of the casual shooter fans can have CoD. You're welcome to it. Sadly, there are more fans of casual shooters than there are of real team based shooters. I'm glad you guys have something to play though, so you don't mess up the better games.

phantomexe2548d ago

Wow you had that much to write.....that's just sad.

2548d ago
Sony3602548d ago

Thanks for labelling that as a sad fanboy rant, because that's all I was able to see that for.

You forgot the worded "deluded" in the title though.

Nate-Dog2548d ago

If tanks and jets in BF3 is "last gen" then what are the guns and perks that haven't changed and don't change in CoD classed as?

fossilfern2548d ago

Insane and intense ? What are you on ? I have never had a game on BO that compares to a game on BC2 or the BF3 Alpha I am in. The sounds, the explosions, running like fuck past a tank only to have it explode right infront of you as your team mate blows it up, having bullets wiz and ricochet of the ground and the walls, having your character or other characters scream for ammo, health, being pinned down etc.

None of that happens in COD you just have people running around the place using some over powered gun with some unbalanced perks and cover that does not degrade as it does in BC2 and BF3. COD is a campers paradise and I honestly cannot wait to get the full BF3 experience

PS360PCROCKS2548d ago

inside out haven't you learned? you NEVER go full retard

majdees2548d ago

There is no better reply for you, here:

venom062548d ago

THIS IS PROBABLY THIS MOST STUPID COMMENT SOMEONE HAS MADE ABOUT THIS TOPIC ALL DAY .... everyone knows that the arcadey garbage CoD caters more this to 12-13yr olds whose balls haven't even dropped down yet.. that's why the devs make it so brainless and easy to pick up and play.. and THATS THE ONLY reason it gets the sales that it does.. BF3 FTW!!

Sarobi2548d ago

Typical preaching fanboy that is treating Call of Duty like a religion

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CraigBaker2549d ago

If Battlefield 3 is as good or better than bad company 2 they have already won in my eyes. Bad company 2 is the best multiplayer experience available right now on consoles and Call of Duty is crap. Ok COD isn't crap it is a good game i suppose but it is populated by absolute nob jockeys. Everyone that plays that game is always looking for some type of boosting edge or way to fuck people over. If you took a simple element from Battlefield like dropping ammo or health and put it in a COD game, 5 minutes wouldn't pass by before somebody was fucking taking advantage of it and finding some way to boost, camp, or noob tube their way to the top of the scoreboard. It really isn't COD that I blame its the community of 11 year olds. Battlefield is a man's game. Leave COD for the boys!

ape0072548d ago

LOL like u have a well studied stats

everyone like cod, 12 yo, 20, 30 or 40, not everyone like bf, that's a fact

MastaMold2548d ago

I'm almost 30 yrs old and I don't like Call of Duty.
Battlefield 3 for the WIN!