Is The Sun's ''Death By Xbox'' Article Actually Anti-gaming?

Botchweed's Liam Griffiths Writes:

"In this story, published by The Sun earlier today, it was revealed that Chris Staniforth, 20, died from a DVT induced Pulmonary Embolism ”caused by playing his Xbox 12-hours a day”.

But before you roll your eyes and start to froth at the brain, take a closer look at at the article."

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Main_Street_Saint2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Well they should have focused on what actually killed the poor boy. It doesn't have a focus; even the story about said article doesn't even seem to know.

Give us readers some statistics, offer advice to those who might be worried about suffering from DVT. It was pure sensationalism with a smidgen of facts.

I think that they did a grave disservice to the parents of this child and to the readers.

Oh and I do think that there was an 'air' of anti-gaming.

Protag222549d ago

Yeah, theres no doubt The Sun was gravely at fault for creating a sensationalist headline and everything, but I feel sorry for the parents who are actually PRO gaming, and will now likely face a backlash of gamers who haven't even read the bulk of the article and will aim their vitriol at poor Chris' parents.

Main_Street_Saint2548d ago

And that is a great shame, to say the least. I actually feel for them and find they have a level head about this tragedy.

steve30x2549d ago

This is the wrong site for this article. Anything anti Console is blasfeming gaming in general on N4G. Ive got de bubbled for speaking my mind about consoles even though Ive never been pro sony or pro microsoft only.

You just need to tread carefully on this site or you will be cut down before you can say I.

Protag222549d ago

This is an article meant to bring awareness to the fact that the parents are in fact, quite stoically PRO gaming, and they deserve our support.

We shouldnt be letting The Sun's veil of vendetta be clouding the real agenda of the article. Please forward this article on if you can, the parents arent the ones who are against us!

EddyD2548d ago

Ahhh the main stream media...