The Misinterpreted Software Proposition Of PlayStation Vita

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "Ever since news broke of Nintendo’s colossal price-cut to its 3DS system, I’ve been keeping my ear very close to the ground. I wanted to gauge the implications of the price-cut on PlayStation Vita, particularly from the people that matter: the fans and potential consumers. The news won’t have filtered through to the mainstream audience just yet, but it will do when Mario Kart and a newly trimmed $169 Nintendo 3DS is competing for shelf space against ModNation Racers and a $249 PlayStation Vita. The general consensus seems to suggest that this price discrepancy puts Sony in an awkward position. Like PlayStation 3 before it, the platform holder has to fight off a cheaper, more accessible system. But I’m not entirely sure Sony and Nintendo are competing for the same demographics. At least not yet.

"The 3DS price-cut will undoubtedly raise Nintendo’s hardware sales. If it doesn’t, the company is in more trouble than has previously been touted. But that doesn’t take anything away from the Vita’s chances. Granted Sony is once again targeting a niche, enthusiast market — but it’s clearly learned a lot from its mistakes during the PSP era. The Vita is a swiss-army knife of gameplay potential, as well as an open-book in terms of distribution methods. People are openly opting to ignore the strides Sony’s taken with its online infrastructure [outages aside! - Ed], and fundamental features such as the PlayStation Network will ensure Sony’s able to deliver just as many bite-sized applications as full products."

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MasterCornholio2611d ago

I agree with the article. I just hate it when people say that the Vita is only capable of watered down console ports. When in reality it can do so much more.

GamerGuy1532611d ago

I think this article hit the nail on the head. Sony really needs to market this thing well because the mainstream audience won't buy into it unless they see the same casual value as the cheaper 3DS and iPod Touch Apps. I think that if Sony allowed the Vita to download apps from the Android Marketplace that many everyday people would buy it and increase the market for it greatly.

miyamoto2610d ago

It is still up in the air whether PSVita will encroach on the Casual Games territory of nintendo and Apple as Sony's "19 year old" philosophy is very much evident on the revealed titles but the dual touch screens are too much of a clue to pass up casual gaming on this platform.

And since PSVita is a custom Android OS platform it makes sense that Sony will tap on the Android platform's potential as a potential gaming market.

Hicken2610d ago

Impressive article, and well thought-out. I think the most important part will be the marketing, as I have faith that the price won't be too much of an issue, and the software will be excellent.