The Nintendo Problem: It’s Sink or Swim Time

Dan Curtis of Manatank writes: Nintendo has a bit of a black cloud over their head at the moment. A substantial little black cloud that constantly rains on them with giant hailstones and every so often forks a lightning bolt straight towards the backside of Nintendo executives, all in the name of making them jump off their backsides and get back to being the Nintendo we all knew and loved.

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charmer2544d ago

nintendo has no problems...3ds will sell like crazy this holiday and wiiu is the best gamind system so all in all.

Stealth2k2544d ago

the 3ds is already selling more than the ds every did this early. And during a non holiday no less

jacksonmichael2544d ago

You can't just say Nintendo has no problems... Look at their localization policy, or the absence of a Pikmin or F-Zero game this generation, or the length of time it takes to make a console Zelda. Nintendo is great, not perfect.

PygmelionHunter2544d ago

I agreed until you said "the length of time it takes to make a console Zelda", I'm sorry but I certainly don't want Zelda: Medieval Warfare or Zelda: Hyrule Ops coming out each year, you see, that's the charm of these games, they take a long time of actual EFFORT and polishing to come out but when they do come out, you piss yourself from how good the game is.

tiffac2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Nintendo has been in hotter waters before with the rise of Sony's Playstation to the failure of the GameCube.

Nintendo has been in this kind of situation before they know what they need to do to get out of the funk they are in.

Oh and we still want an NA release of Last Story and Xenoblade if that's all possible too.

charmer2544d ago

haters will hate...but the price cut was a genius way nintendo wanted to lose the handheld war...and unless the wiiu is copied by sony and microsoft like im expecting them to but im sure nintendo didnt show all its hands thats why we still dont know all the details....i expect the wiiu to win big.

kneon2544d ago

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the 3DS was over priced for what is has to offer. 710k in 3 months is well below what they were expecting, the price cut will get them closer to their original target but unless the attach rate improves then there won't be much of a profit improvement.

n4f2543d ago

yeah but over 4mil people bought it at 250$ and now im sure more people will buy it at a 80$ price cut so they clearly made money with people that bought it at 250$
plus nintendo is not cheap, they said they will give 20 free downloadable game. this alone had motivated people to buy it at 250$
im sure tech to produce it has already got down or will go down on the way.
who know some people said that nintendo has made it on purpose so that sony tries to match the price and that they would eventually cut it to get a boost and put sony in hot water but that crasy

kneon2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

There are always early adopters that will buy almost anything. They sold 3.61 million in the previous quarter and only 0.71 million this quarter. That an 80% drop quarter over quarter, that is horrendous any way you look at it.

They have a target of 16 million in the first year and are only a quarter of the way there after the first 2 quarters. Better software will help but only a price cut can give them a fighting chance of hitting their target. They now have to sell almost 2 million every month for the next 6 months, that's about what they did at launch.

hard joe2544d ago

sink for casuals
swim toward cores

CrescentFang2544d ago

It seems like everyone is having problems? Not surprising though I think gamers are overreacting... normal inexperienced buyers would buy Nintendo related stuff any day... Though I would say, Nintendo could really make some profit on the Wii if they brought over some certain Japanese games right now that they refuse to localize...

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The story is too old to be commented.