Didn't Get A Chance To Play Fatal Frame IV? Then Watch This English Playthrough

Many Fatal Frame fans were unable to play the latest Fatal Frame game due to Nintendo only releasing it in Japan. But if you were unable to get your hands on the fan-made English patch, here is a chance to watch the full game in all it's horror filled glory.

Below is the introduction level, featuring the ill-fated Madoka as she searches for her friend Misaki, who mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the game. The rest of the playthrough can be viewed at the source.

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Pozzle2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

It's such a shame this was never released in the West. It wasn't a perfect game (you can see things like invisible wall collision and slow character movements in the above video), but it was still a really fun and scary game. And it was better than the majority of survival horrors released on the Wii. (How the hell did Ju-On: The Grudge get released over here, but not Fatal Frame 4?)

Here's hoping Fatal Frame 5 makes it to the West. With a bit of spit and polish, this series could become one of the best horror series in the current gen imo.
And hopefully Tecmo learned their lesson not to trust Nintendo to publish their games. Apparently they were pretty upset with Nintendo's mistreatment of FF4. I'm not surprised.

zerocrossing2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I got to play all the way through FF4 (Project zero Mask of the luner eclipse) and its a solid games, It has all the things you expect from a FF game, The new over the shoulder view adds to the tension, The western style haunted house gives you a few unexpected surprises in the story and the game difficulty has been upped, all in all a great game that should have made it to the west.

tunaks12614d ago

Another game that should have been localized.
Thankfully the fan translation is available for importers.

banjadude2614d ago

Seriously, developers are missing out. Fans WANT these games, damnit!

Kurisu2614d ago

How strange...I was just talking about this series of games in a forum, and suddenly this pops up here.

iWishTifaWasReal2613d ago

do u get to see boobs in this game or in this series?

sorry i just have to know :)

Pozzle2613d ago

Weirdly enough, yes. They must have had some Team Ninja guys on the team because they added jiggle physics to the girls asses and boobs in this game.

It's stupid for a horror game. :/