My Fancast for the Uncharted Movie

CBM: Hands-Down this has to be one of my favorite game series so far. Uncharted 2 was especially great and the whole thing is very cinematic and epic, so it shouldn't be too hard to translate with the right people involved. News of David O. Russel leaving was great since he's a good director, but not for Uncharted, and he was gonna massacre it with his film, adding Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci to be Mark Wahlberg's family that tags along on his adventures. That's just crazy, or as Charles Barkley would put it, trouble. Just make it Nate, Sully and Elena like the game, epic action-packed scenes and simple and straight-forward stuff like how Indy did it, except now its modern, and with even more spectacular sequences.

I kept none of the actual voice actors because I'm being realistic here and simply think they won't even be considered, though Elena, and Zoran's actors could easily do it, more-so than the others.

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Wolfie2609d ago

my fancast: Nolan North as Drake, Emily Rose as Elena and Richard McGonagle as Sully


WhiteLightning2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

After seeing the Uncharted Coic Con Panel and the fact Amy Hennig went to a meeting with Neil Burger right after it..........I have hope

Pozzle2609d ago

Mark Dacascos is Tenzin is actually a pretty good casting choice. He does look quite a lot like Tenzin. And since Tenzin's voice actor is a white guy, they probably shouldn't cast him in a live-action Uncharted film. (Plus it would be nice to see more Asian actors in non-martial arts roles).

But I still think the three main characters (Drake, Elena and Sully) should be played by their voice actors. They did the mo-cap in the games, so why not the live-action acting?

newleaf2609d ago

Um...wats miranda from mass effect 2 doing here

Michael-Jackson2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

yeah what's up with that. She looks hotter than Emily Rose in that pic though.

harrisk9542609d ago

I can see all of them, except Hayley Atwell as Chloe.

EverydayGuy2609d ago

Wounder if climbing will be part of the movie?

Miiikeyyy2609d ago

*Nathan and Elena climbing rock face*
Nate: 'Nice view'
Elena: 'Pfft Men'
Nate: 'No, No I was talking about the mountains...Really'

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The story is too old to be commented.