My Fancast for the Mass Effect Movie

CBM: With the recent announcement of the upcoming adaptation, and since I just finished playing through the first Mass Effect game recently, I have compiled my personal choices for the characters.

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SageHonor2577d ago

Those are actually some pretty good choices

drosera12577d ago

Umm, Yvonne Strahovsky as Miranda? How did that slip by, c'mon...

Quagmire2577d ago

Miranda isnt in the first ME game...

Quagmire2577d ago

Solid cast...although Amanda Seyfried was an unusual choice.

strange19862577d ago

Yeah I agree, I don't see the motivation in casting her, although she could be perfectly capable.

Pintheshadows2576d ago

Marina Sirtis as Benezia. She know sci fi and did the voice.

2577d ago
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