Australian politicians attack R18+ video games

State politicians have attacked the move to introduce an adults-only classification for video games, saying the move will expand moral boundaries and make it difficult to monitor games children play.

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Kran2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

For god sake, they're 18+ for a reason!

I swear the government is trying to take away all the fun in the world.

How would they like it if I took away their job? Before you say "their job is not fun", being a polition was their life, so they must enjoy doing it.

news4geeks2304d ago

You're argument is an extremely lame one Kran, but I do agree with your initial statement.

They think it will make it difficult to monitor games children play? Yeah, more difficult for you maybe big brother, but there is a certain thing called parental responsibility.

TenSteps2304d ago

Oh noes!!1!

Are you implying that parents should actually act like parents and be responsible?

Sony3602304d ago

Those idiots don't even realise the point of age classification in the first place.

It's there so that parents can better monitor games children play.

Why the hell is this just about what children shouldn't be playing? Are they going to try and ban all mature rated films because children shouldn't be watching them?

Australian politicians are borderline retards.

fear882304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

They should ban sales of the bible down there for controversial material and contradicting teachings. Lets see how they like that.

Honestly why don't they just treat the 18+ rating as a controlled substance if the parents are too lazy to be parents.

kingdavid2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Its still an outdated and misinformed view of video games that these politicians have.

The whole thing for them is still just about the "kids". Which means they still think that video games are mainly an outlet just for children (which has long since passed).

Movies, music, tv shows are all seen as viable outlets for segregated forms for children and adults. Unfortunately, video games are still not in the same view held throughout some Australian politicians.

dkgshiz2304d ago

Australian politicians love parental control. They ban everything over there.

Pozzle2304d ago

Eh. Not really. Just games. When it comes to everything else, Australia is pretty lax. Most movies that are rated 18+ in other countries are only rates M15 here. And you can watch some pretty explicit movies with sex and nudity in them on channel 5 any time after 8:30pm.

Which is why it's so weird the government is so strict on games. They don't seem to care about other media, tbh.

fastNslowww2304d ago

one should undertand that kid's can play and CAN get effected by these violent titles. mainly kids with serious issues, games are NOT the cause but they can influenc and push the already unstable children..just like video/books...etc etc. Monkey see Monkey do!

Just because it doesn't bother the majority, doesn't mean it doesn't bother some...we are all different.

Sadely gamers in general seem too primitive. Better to be safe then sorry. Why do you think the US have so many school shootings and teen issues?

TenSteps2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Okay let me take this bit by bit.

As far as unstable children go there are many ways to help, one is proper parenting. You have a kid with issues what do you do, do you pretend everything is fine and dandy the way it is, or do you try to keep a watchful eye and the things they do, or do you look for help? I doubt they'll be hard pressed to find a place that could help anyone with issues so why not try those as opposed to letting a kid play or watch something unintended for his mindset.

Like you said videos and books can be an influence as much as games so if they ban games just to be on the safe side then why do videos and books go unscathed? It's hypocritical that one form of media suffers while others that are also clearly a source of influence are let be.

Yes it bothers some not the majority but the same can be said of videos and books. The Saw films bothers a lot of people but why haven't we seen the politicians gather and call for banning violent movies at least not in the same ferocity they go after video games? Those that are bothered by it aren't forced to buy or view it so it shouldn't be a problem.

You base on gamers being primitive on what? The gamers on the internet? If so that's a poor way to analyse an entire group. It's not primitive to complain about the banning of violent video games if the complainer is aware that it is a work of fiction and should not let it influence him.

The US has school shootings not because kids with issues played a game then decided it'd be fun to kill most shootings are born from being socially outcast, a romance gone wrong, even poor parenting (neglect, high expectations, etc). Games tend to be in the forefront of these shootings because of one thing, games can be played alone and without wasting much energy let's look at one thing each of the reasons have in common. They all put the emphasis on a person being alone or made to feel alone. so should we ban public areas because someone might feel socially outcast just to be safe? Should we separate children from their parents because they might have extremely high expectations or might neglect them just to be safe? Let's ban romance as well since it makes some angry enough to hurt people if it ends badly?

Now reading your first sentence I say this why would the kid HAVE the violent title in the first place? Why does he have a game rated 18+ when he isn't even 18+? Games aren't at fault it's the people who allow them to be used as a negative influence that are at fault, publishers and developers already warn the people it's just that they rather ignore it.

kcuthbertson2304d ago

Really?.. The US has so many school shootings because of video games? Grow the fuck up. Of course young children are susceptible to absorbing things. Which is why there are ratings on the games in the first place.

If a six year old is playing grand theft auto, chances are his parents don't really give a fuck about what is good for him. It's 99% the parents fault for not being the parents that they should be.

Children are a general reflection of how their parents teach them how to act. There are exceptions in the case of mental illness etc., but this is true a vast majority of the time.

And btw, when is the last time there was a game about a school shooting? Seriously, that pissed me off, think before you type.

TenSteps2304d ago

What pisses me off more than the parent's that don't act as they should are those that blame games afterwards.

I feel it's an insult to the developers and publishers, both put their own precautions to prevent negative influence yet somehow some parent blames them anyway because they were too ignorant to look at the box.

fastNslowww2303d ago

how stupid are you..why do you think the government in australia expeically..step in? because lazy parents won't care for their kids...and the public have to suffer these acts of crime among other things.

the US has some of the worst laws..expecially with guns...hence the shootings in the country.

use common sense. gsus!

Hicken2303d ago

You're silly. You think that, since parents in Australia won't take care of their kids- and I'd like to see the proof of that- it's the government's job to make random individuals suffer, instead of holding the parents accountable? Yeah, that's silly.

You also believe that violent games influence children here in the States to take guns to school and shoot bullies or people who made them outcasts, or folks who did nothing to them? What violent game- what game at all?- has such a plotline? The onus there lies within the ability to acquire a firearm, which is easy not because of gun laws you don't like, but because of irresponsible owners of said guns. The owner of these guns? Usually the parents.

You seem pretty gullible. I've got a PS360U I'd like to sell you at the very low price of 2.4 million dollars. No, it's real, really. I didn't just put a cinder block in a doctored up box, honest.

I hope you don't have kids. It's obvious you'll be expecting someone else to take responsibility for their actions.

jacksheen00002304d ago

Boy!! Im I glad I don't live in Australia.

TenSteps2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

wrong reply

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