PS Vita, the Unmentioned Reason Behind the 3DS Price Cut

"Nintendo has announced plans to reduce the price of their Nintendo 3DS console $169.99 from $249.99 (that’s a 32% cut in price just months after the official release of the handheld). The official reasons behind this decision are low sales caused by lack of hit games, costs of promotion and the stronger yen against the dollar but there might be a different reason behind this: the upcoming release of the PS Vita!"

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disturbing_flame2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I don't think 3DS doesn't sell well because of PSVita.

It's only due to bad choices from Nintendo.

- First the price : A lot of hardcore nintendo fans said back in the days that 3DS deserved such price because of the technologye of the console. But with time we saw a lot of actors of the industry, Sony not included, that it was very easy to make 3D screen. Plus 3DS have not the engine of a 360 or a PS3 like Nintendo said back in the days. Customers are really aware of it now.

- Second the visual : Actually who can recognize a 3DS from a DS or a DSI, there are really small details that can show the custumer they are looking at a new machine. It's like Nintendo sold again a DS with a 3D modification. It does not look like a new product and more than that this new product that look like the old one is more expensive. Why people would buy a new DS and spend more money in it when they paid for a DS, a DS fat and a DSI ? 3D ?

- Third the 3D : Lot of game are just using the 3D as a gadget, it's not essential for their gameplay and more than that when you use it, it's not always confortable to play during a long time. Finally the greatest argument of the 3DS is just a gadget, something that is not necessary to play with...

-Last : Games. Very few games at the release of the console, it was clearly embarassing... And people want to play more than n64 or gamecube games.

It's clearly a fail from Nintendo.

Sony's Vita is clearly aggressive in terms of pricing and technology, Vita is more balanced and maybe more attractive now, but it's not Sony that pushed not to buy the 3DS, it's just Nintendo's fault and people's gusts.

Nintendo cut the price to try to sell some. After the E3 and the announcement of Wii U they also lost lot of confidence put in them by the market. it was not Microsoft or Sony fault. It was just the market responding to their ideas.

MaxXAttaxX2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Well PS Vita isn't THE reason. It's not even released yet, so it's not like it's losing sales to it at the moment. But it's obviously part of it.

The thing is, PS Vita has much better tech than the 3DS for the same exact price. Vita is half a year away from release and it already has half as many games announced than the 3DS has released since it launched about half a year ago. So Nintendo has to make sure no sales are lost to it with a price drop.
For many, the 3D slider isn't enough of an incentive to purchase the system for $250.

I think they pressed their luck with the success of the DS.

miyamoto2543d ago

Those are valid reasons on the side of 1) Nintendo's fault & 2) the public's particularly the parent's reaction to the 3DS.

But what is happening is very reminiscent of the Dreamcast versus the PS2 scenario of video game history. So many similarities on what is happening with the PS Vita versus the 3DS.

Nintendo was forced to launch first like Dreamcast with not so stellar hardware technology & no killer app in its line up. With a killer PlayStation machine looming on the horizon.
Its so unlike the SNES which was the more powerful machine than the Genesis & had Super Mario World as a killer app launch bundle. I thought they learned their lesson with the SNES and the Wii.

1 Fact is Sony won the first round when they announced the PS Vita this January, stalling many potential 3DS buyers.

2 And the second round when they announced the $250 price tag again stalling more 3DS buyers.

3 The third round would be the launch games line up. So far Sony is doing a pretty good job on keeping its hardcore gaming promise.

I see the main deciding factor would be the analog sticks on the PSVita and just one on the 3DS. Didn't Nintendo learned from the PSP? Its the single analog nub that put a severe handicap on the PSP from being a fully pledge hardcore game console. Heh even the iControl Pad have dual analog sliders!

If the DS had no competition on casual games before with its touch screen so will the PSVita have no competition on hardcore games with its dual analog sticks.

DARKrage342543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

It will be devastating if the PSV launches with a killer lineup... the fact that Sony took in so many ideas from the community and more to engineer the darn thing makes it reasonably worth it at $250. The skat few features of the 3DS didn't wow me into buying it (and won't even at $169.99)

Nintendo had no choice but to drop the price in order to stay competitive.

miyamoto2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Whether we like it or not, Activision's Call of Duty could be the PSVita's dual analog stick killer app.

f7897902540d ago

It will be. Not like I can go out and buy BF3 on the Vita.

MasterCornholio2543d ago

The Vitas price was a pretty big factor with the pricedrop. Nintendo could not afford to sell the technically inferior 3DS at the same price as the Vita. Now for 170 euros the 3DS seems to be at a reasonable price. And those on the fence because of price will buy one now.

miyamoto2543d ago

But will a price cut on a flagship product be able to save the whole company?

f7897902540d ago

Nintendo survived the Virtual Boy disaster. I think they will be fine.