Brink 'Agents of Change' DLC Detailed

Bethesda and Splash Damage are releasing a free DLC for Brink on August 3rd. While the game received mixed reviews, but was an overall innovative shooter.

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Shmotz2577d ago

For all 15 people playing online!

MischievousIQ2577d ago

Awesome for those who bought or should I say still own Brink. Free Brink DLC isn't going to get me to buy the game though, I'm waiting for Bodycount.

ShoryukenII2577d ago

I was actually interested in buying this even after the horrible launch and the silly lies the devs told (E3 2010 had amazing graphics). I liked what they were trying to make. I was going to wait for them to fix all the technical issues but it has now been nearly 3 months and it sounds like the game still sucks. The fact that they are neglecting my console of choice (the PS3) is the last straw. I'm done caring about this game.

AverageGamer2577d ago

I bought it at launch and quickly regretted it, the DLC will keep me busy until GOW3 at least. :D