Pachter predicts primarily PS3 posting profits for GameStop in 2008

If you love guessing games as much as we do, can we recommend the title Analyst Butt Number Awesome Pull Fun Time Special Vol. 1? Michael Pachter, voice of Wedbush Morgan Securities analysts, has come out with another estimate of positive proportions for both Sony and GameStop, resulting from the $399 PS3 SKU. In addition to Halo 3 sales bolstering GameStop's bottom like, Pachter says the new PS3 is expecting to pull in a "20% comp in the January 2008 quarter ..." and the new PS3 "should drive a significant amount of traffic GameStop's way this holiday."

Spreading his cards out into April of 2008, Pachter sites big-hitter titles like FFXIII and LittleBigPlanet will assist in continued profits throughout 2008. Interestingly, Pachter is only citing Sony-based material for these continued profits after mentioning a possible 360 price cut to counter the rumored PS2 price cut. It's interesting, as each console has some pretty big titles landing in 2008, but for many gamers, eyes are on the PS3 to deliver a monolithic smattering of quality games.

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Skerj4059d ago

This just in: An Analyst says one thing and then says another.

Things I don't want to hear in 2008:

Attach Rate
Wilfred Brimley

beavis4play4059d ago

amen brother. add rrod and jade raymond to that list.

shmee4059d ago

everyone would be saying that.

It might hurt the BOTS but it is true

However i still expect ps3 to beat wii in JAPAN (with a white low priced ps3) and EU (pes ps3 outsold pes x360 2:1 there despite having 2/3 of the hardware base)

I expect ps3 to overtake x360 this year in EU and next year in NA for sure

solar4059d ago

ask me if i care what another analyst thinks. good call on that next-gen behemoth, super over powered Wii being number 1.... ::rolleyes::

side note, cant wait for LBP and FFXIII. is the next FF coming next dec?

Shaka2K64059d ago

They dont want to loose billions like microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.