Battlefield 3: Curious New Ragdoll Glitch Emerged - Flying Soldier Sighted

Funny glitch compilation of Battlefield 3. Here are some bug videos from the upcoming shooter (Alpha Version). One video is here, more bug videos of Battlefield 3 you will see inside the news. Take a deep look!

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hiredhelp2547d ago

Wahooo im flying man.... Oh sh!t crash.

The Meerkat2547d ago


One thing I hate about call of duty is the lack of flying bodies. I hope they make this glitch an in game option.

DoomeDx2547d ago

I love glitchy ragdolls, but BF2's ragdolls were just..horrible.

caboose322546d ago

OMG I totally forgot about the ragdolls in BF2!

It was so awesome when you would get hit by artillery, and literally fly hundreds of yards in the air.

Good times man.

St02547d ago

lol yeah, I've seen a few flying dead people while playing

xtremexx2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Wonder if he died, lol imagine if he just landed on his feet and carried on.

twinnuke2546d ago

he was dead, the changing of the models during the animation caused this glitch.

Urrakia342547d ago

That guy must be a great shot.

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The story is too old to be commented.