HoN Goes Free to Play, But is it Too Late?

Existing HoN players will have Legacy accounts that have access to every hero as they are released, whilst F2P accounts will have a rotating platter of heroes until they purchase them for permanent use.

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bozebo2574d ago

Meh. I bought it and didn't like it. Something about the tree system just breaks it completely. And the art/animation looks too gritty but in a way that isn't gritty at all :/

NuclearDuke2574d ago

Doesn't matter really. DotA2 is coming, games will be destroyed.

reznik_zerosum2574d ago

LOL is better than dota now

Laika2574d ago

even if that statement was true (i think dota is way better than lol) dota 2 will be way better than lol most likely

NuclearDuke2574d ago

Surely, the game functions better than DotA because of a much newer engine, however the gameplay and balance is still superior in DotA. LoL & HoN are just waiting platforms to when DotA2 comes out.