3D is on life support, is the fad finally over?

Are poor 3DS sales the result of an anti 3D backlash?

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Kamikaze1352548d ago

I hope eyes can't take it.

JoGam2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I like 3D. Besides the 3DS poor sales if any had nothing to do with the 3D. It was more of a price thing. Lets see what happens with the new price drop.

NukaCola2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

3DS is nothing like Real D 3D technology. And the poor 3DS aren't because of some anti-3D movement, it's because it's $250, has nothing innovating outside a slight increase in visuals over the PSP, and the software line up is weak.

evrfighter2548d ago

I wouldn't wanna be one of those people that bought a 3dtv. That buyer's remorse has got to be eatin em up.

ouch. just think you could have bought a top of the line gaming pc with that would have been a 10x better inveestment.

morganfell2548d ago

I encourage anyone to go down to BestBuy and look at the LG 55 inch 3D. I was in there last week and it was $1499. That's a great price for a true HD TV of that size in the first place. But this also uses passive 3D (Real 3D). The effects were amazing.

I am not sure what the current price is on this model but the 3D was stunning and the glasses, as they are passive, were cheap. This is the first passive 3D set I have seen that had such great image quality.

Sprud2548d ago

evrfighter, your comment reeks of jealousy...

Besides, a 3DTVs doesn't have to be expensive. And even if it was, all expensive TVs are excellent at 2D.

kneon2547d ago

The passive 3D TVs are only half the vertical or horizontal resolution of the active glasses TVs, that's why they are cheaper.

And the mediocre sales of the 3DS has nothing to do with the 3D market in general. It's sold poorly because 3D on such small screens is unimpressive and certainly not worth the premium they were asking. Now that's it's more reasonably priced it should do better.

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colonel1792548d ago

I like 3D in TVs. I was trying out some demos on the store and it looked great. It is just that is is better to have the screen go in, instead of having things to pop out. I saw a demo of some flower petals flying in the air, and it looked like I was watching the window, whereas another demo of some cards popping out, was distracting and blurry.

nopunctuation2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

"Are poor 3DS sales the result of an anti 3D backlash? "

Yes. I found the best way to predict trends was to listen to the hipster in my school. Mostof them were like "BO WILL BE AWESOME" and then it sold well.. They said the 3DS would suck and then it sold terribly. They also started talking positively about Battlefield 3 for the first time and say that MW is getting old so hopefully that will mean the rise of a new FPS.

godzookie2548d ago

Falloutboy, my eyes!!, these goggles do nothing!!!

Brownghost2548d ago

so is 3d movies waste of money and the glasses make it too dark to see in 2d the movie looks way better

lashes2ashes2548d ago

3d tv dont have that problem. my tv auto adjusts the brightness when it detects the glasses. but the 3ds is selling like shit because there is no software.

Pozzle2548d ago

I agree. Sadly, I don't think 3D has quite been perfected yet. They're on the right track, but I don't think it's really worth paying such expensive ticket prices for just yet.

Brownghost2548d ago

2 dollars more for crappy sunglasses is expensive $1 is much better

Pozzle2548d ago

Only $2? I've been to cinemas that charge an extra $4-5 for 3D movies. :(

fr0sty2548d ago

you can get 10 pairs for $10 if you look in the right places online. Also, you can get 32 inch 3dtv's that use passive glasses for as low as $500 at Wal Mart.

Brownghost2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

thats what my theater charges $8 for tickets and $2 for glasses

Pozzle2548d ago

My cinema usually charges $14-$17 for tickets and glasses. But if you bring your own glasses, they don't lower the price. :(

Tickets for 2D movies usually only cost $10-$12. Depending on where you go. Only $8 on Cheap Tuesday.

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fr0sty2548d ago

Passive 3DTVs do not use the dark and expensive shutter glasses, they use the same glasses you get at the movie theater that only cost a dollar or so.

Disccordia2548d ago

They also halve the screen resolution so it's not a great option either..

fr0sty2546d ago

the newer ones operate at full resolution.

Sprud2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I know a couple of people (irl) who say the same thing. That the 3D movies are darker. They are also the same two who complain that they can't really see any 3D effect worth mentioning. There must be a connection, because I and others I know don't experience that problem.

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Orionsangel2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

The new modern 3D was around before Avatar, but Avatar really ignited the whole 3D craze. I say craze like the world fell in love with it, more so a craze created by manufacturers.

When the studios and TV companies saw how Avatar made 3 billion or whatever. They saw dollar signs and the push for 3D went into overdrive. What they don't realize is that Avatar was a fluke. One that won't easily be duplicated.

Neko_Mega2548d ago

Its more of the lines it is overprice and the only selling point is the 3D.

Other then that 3D sales well for TV's.

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