Call of Duty: Elite Beta Invites Being Sent Out, Complete Your Registration Now

theBitFix writes: "Beta test invites are being sent out, but if you've requested access to participate on the upcoming expansive paid service for the Call of Duty franchise, apparently you will have to complete another step before you get access to the beta test this summer."

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Best2609d ago

MW3: The only game worth buying this holiday season. Of course along with gears 3.

egidem2609d ago

That's your opinion. If you want it that way, fine, good for you.

As for me Battlefield 3: The only game worth buying this holiday season. Of course along with Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Resistance 3 and so much more (assuming I have the money).

Modern Warfare 3?? When it is very cheap, I'll rent it just for single player campaign, that's all.

Yet again, that's just my opinion. :)

ATi_Elite2609d ago

"Come on" "Do it Do it Now"!!!!

egidem2609d ago


"What are you waiting for?"

Ezio20482610d ago

yes i would want 1 for me!!!!

dangert122609d ago

how about you give me the money since you got money to waste on basic things that are even in the new section 8 which cost £9.99 for free and i'll put your money to better use

MSpence5162609d ago

Yea, because I mean he totally has to pay for the beta.

I really wish everyone would let people do what THEY want.

dangert122609d ago

So let me comment in peace ¬_¬ lol

FlareDReborn2609d ago

No thanks i'll enjoy my Battlefield 3 and its 100% free and superior battle-log service.

divideby02609d ago

^ Flare... spot on... comparing these 2 games is a waste of time..... 64 online vs whatever COD is gonna give.. cant even compare the 2..
best thing for me still playing BF2, is the maturity of the gamers playing the PC version.... I play the last version on Live and its a joke compared to BF2 on the PC... I never hear singing and whinny kidz..thats the fact jack...

ZETTA2609d ago Show
htownrocket872609d ago

Just a new marketing scheme to get people excited about call of duty. No thanks, I've been let down too many times by activision.

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