OXCGN’s From Dust review: Playing God can be hard work sometimes


"Playing god in a video game is hardly anything new.

"In the most basic sense, you’re playing god every time you pick up a controller or make use of a mouse and keyboard as it’s your actions controlling the movements on screen.

"But the traditional ‘god’ gaming experience – one where the player is a vague figure looking down on all of life’s glory – has been a tough genre for any developer to attempt, since scope and design is always going to be marginalized to make sure the ‘game’ aspect is basic and enjoyable."

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XboxOZ3602580d ago

An interesting concept for a game. When I originally saw footage and screens of this last year, I was wondering just where it was going, now it's good to see the final product.

Shame that the PC version is being held back till 17th August - for some reason. Ubisoft pulled the release of the PC version at the 11th hour . . be interesting to find out why??

2579d ago
REALgamer2579d ago

I love creation games like Black and White, and can't wait for From Dust...but I'm hanging out for the PC version.

Tempted to get the 360 version if it's out first just so I can start playing ASAP.

XboxOZ3602579d ago

Well, if we get any 'extra' review codes for XBLA, then we'll let ppl know, just slip us an email from the site and we'll add you to the list. We simply draw a name from the hat, and send out the code . . . sometimes we get a few codes for the same game, so we like to share them around when we can.

Anyone's welcome to drop us an email asking to go on the "Excess XBLA/PSN Code List" at anytime.

gaminoz2579d ago

This game looks pretty interesting actually. I never played Black & White but heard it was pretty fun.