20 Year Old Student Dies Due To Xbox: The Sun’s At It Again

The Sun (shock horror) is today reporting the death of a 20 year old student who died due to deep vein thrombosis. The headline is simply ‘Death by Xbox’’ and is clearly a negative (yet highly misinformed) look on video games. This story is the second negative article to be published by The Sun which paints video games in a bad light.

The student (named Chris Staniforth) played his Xbox for stints of 12 hours a day on games such as Halo. The father of Chris Staniforth had the following to say on the death of his son:

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omi25p2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

He didnt die due to xbox. He died because he didnt exercise and ate sh*tty food

nopunctuation2578d ago

RROD must have mutated into a contagious virus.

Pl4sm42578d ago

quick get ur shotgun ... hide ur family .... the xbox final plan has started

blind-reaper2578d ago

Don't ask where the red ring appears...

gaffyh2578d ago

Just thought I'd link this:

It says he had a pulmonary embolism caused by sitting in the same position for hours at a time. So it kinda was because he played Xbox too much, but of course it was his own lifestyle that was the problem.

CameronL992578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This wasn't a random condition that noone has ever heard of, they actually encourage you to get up and move around while on long plain trips to avoid this exact problem, it has to do with blood pooling in your calves due to sitting for so long, eventually the veins burst because of the excess blood (the blood doesn't circulate well out when you're sitting) and you're screwed.

Its a wonder you never really hear about people blaming bad food for people's heart disease, McDonalds has too many high priced lawyers for a paper to print "Big Mac kills fat person". lol

pixelsword2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@ gaffyh and CameronL99:

Thank you both very much for the information. I do actually sit at a computer for a long period of time at work and when I'm at home. I know a lot of people who work on computers and this is very helpful. I'm going to bubble both of you under "helpful" and encourage others to do so as well; because this information could save someone's life.

memots2578d ago

Hide your Kids
Hide your Wife's

There an Xbox in the Neighborhood !!!


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MintBerryCrunch2578d ago

probably drinking a Monster and Red Bull every hour or so helped towards that

Hozi892578d ago

Thank you. Now if only more people could think like you, then we wouldn't be so ignorant in the first place. People need to realize that Video games isn't murderer but not doing anything but be a fat-ass couch potato will surely harm you.

AngryTypingGuy2578d ago

If The Sun is officially blaming Xbox, then Microsoft needs to sue them. This is ridiculous.

a08andan2578d ago

Ye it is!

A wiki-page about the disease for those who are interested :)

pixelsword2578d ago


I'm giving you a bubble under "helpful" as well.

Thank you.

Downtown boogey2578d ago

Looking at TVs appears to be pretty lethal.

Lazy_Sunday2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

He also had thrombosis, and didn't even realize it. That guy had to be really distracted, because not realizing that is just fucked up.

AEtherbane2578d ago

Wait, he was 20 years old and living with his father? This is a sad story, but the father should have taken charge, he after is the father and has to make sure his son is okay no matter what. The fact that the father didn't sii a person sitting at a screen for 12 hours at a time as destructive is pretty shameful. He should have made his son get exercise, eat healthy etc. Even more shameful is how the Sun makes the about video games and divorce. It's about unhealthy lifestyles, which can be attributed to video games, sure, but the actually cause in not inherent in the video games, its in the lack of real activity.

subtenko2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

even tho we hate stupid headlines like that, what can we do? They'll keep posting the BS headlines. its their site I guess. they'll only be hurt if ppl stop giving them hits. informative article that they're posting, but dumb at the same time.

WAIT, I got an idea! Everyone should post articles titled "The Sun website causes mass vomiting and people getting sick when going to the website!" Lets do itttt! xD

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Alex Kidd2578d ago

I disagreed because I agree...

the_best_player2578d ago

He has a fat face, I guess he was a big boy.

ChrisPriestman2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Here's one for you, according to Metro he died because he was playing Halo 4! Mind you if I was playing Halo 4 right now I would probably die of excitement :P

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jacksheen00002578d ago

The SUN need to go to HeLL!

ainsz2578d ago

We've got rid of News Of The World, Murdoch must go down one paper at a time...

DeadlyFire2578d ago

A console will kill you according to this paper/journalist. hmm........This is a little stupid I believe. OMG dude dies because of this simple problem. Anyone can have this problem. Its nothing to do with fitness. Some people die of random unknown glitch every day.

Bigpappy2578d ago

People need to eat properly and get exercise, whether or not they play Video Games for long periods. It is important for gamers to remember to remember that these rule apply to them even more, if they find themselves always sitting and eating junk like Sodas and burgers.

Please take care of yourselves so we can have fun for many more years.

squallheart2578d ago

Exactly. I have cut down fatty foods and mostly eat healthy. Also while a wait for players in a game or the game to load i do some quick exercises like push ups etc while i wait.

Hozi892578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

haha...bubbles 4 u. I can just imagine waiting for Halo or COD to load and I'm doing push ups and pull ups...ain't nothing better than to get pumped before a grand death-match.

Me personally like to have sex before, in-between and after my videogame sessions :P

DatNJDom812578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Your hand doesn't count. I'm kidding. U set urself up for that one though.

TheEatingVodka2578d ago

So you do 5 push ups while waiting for the game to load?

Rettom2578d ago

Hey, never thought about doing pushups ;)

squallheart2578d ago

@hozi lol XD

@theeatingvodka lol no i can do like 15 from the time a game fills while u wait to the actual loading screen if ure fast enough u can sneak in avg of 15

kza2578d ago

just read your post on giantbomb, lol good idea!!

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TheBatman_Fanatic2578d ago

Indeed! Fruit is joyful and healthy to eat! especially watermelon!

badvlad2578d ago

problem with fruit they never taste the same u nver know if its fruity or just like eating water thats y i eat snickers

ZBlacktt2578d ago

This, been gaming 33 years very hardcore. I'm on long hours a day as well. But, I'm also a bodybuilder/weightlifter. Been doing that for 22 years.

DarkBlood2578d ago

i just rejion the gym again about a month ago and im staying on permanently this time

problem is im not really getting that far with it as i would of liked lol

only thing i got down so far is i drink mostly water now i even replaced coke with water when i was at the fatty mcdonalds lol

NovusTerminus2578d ago

I do some very long gaming sessions. Yesterday I got my plat in Demon's Souls and it too 8 hours of the day. But I always go to the Gym.

Just because you play games does not mean you have to let your body go to waste. Keep it in check so you can play more games later down the road!

drosera12578d ago

Who would disagree with you? People who want to eat unhealthy food and die young? Health is important people, this guy speaks the truth.

majdees2578d ago

Maybe because getting a plat in demons souls and going to the gym at the same time is bad for your health??

Boletarian2577d ago

Your idea of keeping yourself in check is totally off. Playing Demon's Souls for 8 hours will damage not only your eyes but your perception of reality. It can temporarily make you more aggressive and angry at any little thing that happens to you in real life. Going to the gym does not help with everything.

I disagreed with you because even though you were working out, you weren't taking care of yourself. You need to healthy and go outside to breathe fresh air and talk to real people. The internet has us chasing after digital social interactivity. I'm guilty of it, too, so you don't have to tell me I'm a hypocrite.

Maybe this kid who died played video games so much because he didn't have a real social life. Maybe he was depressed and his father's attempts to help him were not working because the kid refused help. Depressed people often refuse help and don't like going out to interact.

NovusTerminus2577d ago

Eh, I do have a social life dude. Just took a break from it for a day.
I do go outside all the time. My job is appraising, I drive and measure houses all day.

And I have never had a problem with aggression, if anything I have a bigger problem with being overly apathetic towards everything and everyone.

Lord_Sloth2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Bullshit. Only stupid people get games mixed up with reality and people with mental illness. Also, jocks are some of the most aggressive and violent people I know and they generally hate video games!

Non gamers treat me like shit all the time but I don't fire back. Fuck the "real social life!" Why? Because people suck! They're rude, smelly, stupid, and they troll me. I socialize selectively because real people aren't worth the effort. I have 5 friends I count as family and that's all I need.

Boletarian2577d ago

@lord sloth.

No, not stupid people. It's easy to forget how to approach a situation in real life when you spend a lot of time dealing with situations in video games.

NovusTerminus2577d ago

Then if someone has that problem they need to stop playing the games, as it shows they cannot handle it mentally. That is all there is to it.

I played GTA for two months straight and never once did I go on a murderous rampage when I got cut off in traffic.

I played Fallout for months in a row and when I could not get a good deal shopping I did not blow of the shop keepers head and steal what I wanted.

If you cannot separate gaming from your real life you do not need to play the games.

Lord_Sloth2576d ago

Than I must be a freakin genius since I spend several days in front of a video game and never seem to get confused.

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user8586212578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

can they please close down the sun like they did news of the world :)

D4nstini2578d ago

And miss out on page 3 girls and the kinky stories?
You mad?