Summer of Arcade Crimson Alliance promo works with codes too

XBLA Fans writes: We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the Crimson Alliance Summer of Arcade promotion, and thanks to Microsoft, we have some answers. To be eligible to receive a free copy of Crimson Alliance (including all three characters), players must have downloaded the full version for all five games. What this means is that codes bought through the Microsoft Store (where you can get a free copy of the Maw, which we loved) and free codes won through sites like XBLA Fans (follow us on twitter, we give them out all time) will still be eligible. Unfortunately, those of you waiting to pick up Fruit Ninja Kinect for free by buying The Gunstringer will not fit inside the time window for the Crimson Alliance promotion. Make sure to pick up all five games within a week of the release of Toy Soldiers: Cold War (before Augest 23rd) to remain eligible for a free copy of Crimson Alliance.

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