Metro: Last Light – Gameplay Trailer 2

New gameplay trailer for Metro: Last Light. The upcoming (2012) survival horror FPS game from THQ.

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Tachyon_Nova2613d ago

I wonder how this will run on PC, 2033 is harder to run than Crysis and that looks a lot better than 2033 did. Good to see developers starting to push PC graphics forward once again.

Voxelman2613d ago

I am hoping for better optimisation this time round, not that 2033 was that bad. This does look fantastic especially with so many models on screen. The lighting looks better than ever as well.

r212612d ago

looks as good as kz3, i like :D

Fishy Fingers2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

As good? Worlds apart, this is much, much better. Similar art styles though.

r212612d ago

probably is, probably isnt :L
we'll have to see :D

ATi_Elite2612d ago

I understand your comparison because KZ3 and MetroLL both have very similar art styles but MetroLL as far as graphics power kills KZ3.

Heck Metro 2033 Kills KZ3.....I love KZ3 graphics but Metro 2022 and LL are just superior and have lots of photo realism and tessellation.

r212612d ago

yeah man, thats what i've been trying to say.
sheesh, look at the amount of sensitive disagreers i have :L

kingdoms2612d ago

Not even hardcore ps3 fans try to portray ps3 exclusives as unmatched anymore. There is no need to keep that myth alive people wised up to it months ago.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Seems like they have optimsed their engine quite well =D and the atmosphere of the game seems fantastic

Orpheus2612d ago

Metro developers have said that this video was running on a 480 GTX and they will be taking advantage of the next generation cards by the time it releases and the visuals will be improved.
Coming from them I guess they are referring to Kepler but the next generation of ATI cards are going to implement something like megatexture in the hardware which will allow the GPU to keep partial textures in memory.

If Last Light takes advantage of that , it already uses tesellation .... its gonna look awesome ..

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