Portal 2 Is The Best Local Multiplayer Game Of The Last 10 Years

TPV Writes: "Don’t get me wrong, when I played Portal 2 online I still enjoyed the game because there is a lot to like. I rate this game as 10/10 every single time and I think it one of the best games of this year already.

The ping tool and the obvious voice chat between myself and my online co-op partner were vital to solve many of the puzzles but you don’t get the same sense of achievement and joy when you both complete a puzzle online as you do when your sat next to one another, getting frustrated and then in the next minute being overjoyed and feeling like some sort of Stephen Fry, Stephen Hawking or some other clever Stephen named fellow, when you have completed a mind bending puzzle together."

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RedDead2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I dunno...its ain't portal 2 definitely, the story and comedy was what made Portal 2 great, the puzzles were kinda easy.

Agree with WhiteLightning, I would have preferred Single only for this to come first.

YoungKingDoran2611d ago

God of War didn't have multiplayer
GoW is not gears

gravemaker2611d ago

Gears of War



NovusTerminus2612d ago

Ehhh.... No, Phantasy Star Online EP1&2

WhiteLightning2612d ago

I'm going to get hate for saying this but if you were unlucky like me having your friends buy a differen't version of from you or even other people who don't go online much, because there was no A.I since it was difficult to do in this game, I felt like I had payed for half a game...

I wish they stuck to the single player and it's great story...making it longer. Maybe they could of added advanced chambers, challenge maps, tme trails etc AND THEN add the co-op story mode as DLC.

Jonmau52612d ago

More puzzles, chambers and DLC is coming and the first batch should be free.

Unlucky that you did not get to experience the co-operative multiplayer with a friend.

The singleplayer story is great though, I agree with you there 100%. I loved it all the way through.

WhiteLightning2612d ago

It's sad because they said themselfs that they had to cut the script for the single player story to fit co-op in.

What I've heard about co-op though I'm fine with it, I don't think I'm missing much. The more fun which comes from it is having a friend to mess around with, I play Portal for it's funny story and great single player. As I said they should of released co-op after the game was out...they did it with HL deathmatch and it was great.

Miiikeyyy2612d ago

Mortal Kombat! It's perfect for when mates are round

Cereal2612d ago

The co-op in Portal 2 was definitely better than the single player. The single player story was terrible and it really shouldn't have even had a story to begin with because it just feels forced. At least Portal 1 was all about the puzzles and less about a tacked on story.

Jonmau52611d ago

That's a fair call, I agree. Portal 1 only really had the puzzles, it made for a more simple game. Is anyone actually excited for the Portal 2 DLC though? :(