Why 3DS owners should be pissed and how Nintendo f***ed up - The Rant is Go! Episode 4

Nin­tendo has dropped the price of the 3DS $80 leav­ing a lot of own­ers pissed and stock­hold­ers wor­ried. In this episode I dis­cuss why own­ers deserve to be pissed and what the 3DS’s sales likely sig­nify about the mar­ket. Hint: It’s case #3.

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metsgaming2576d ago

Interesting video, it wasnt just someone crying he actually explained why hes pissed. It was actually funny towards the end and made a few interesting points but mainly it doesnt matter. Looking forward the 3ds looks to be in a good position.

Danji2576d ago

After discussing with a lot of people why 3DS owners have a right to be angry I realized that this wasn't self-evident and was a rather complex topic worth a video. The same could be said of Nintendo's situation right now, with their stock price as low as it is and Iwata taking a 50% pay cut. I'm thinking about doing a video on Nintendo in general but it may just be roundtable during a podcast.

Thanks for the comment.

longcat2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I totally agree with you except for 1 thing. I think $250 is the max that the Wii U can be sold for.

This may mean dropping the tablet, but i seriously dont think that they can compete with a PS3 which may hit close to $200 when they launch, or an xbox at $150 or lower

No bluray, DVD, crappy online (most likely)...i just dont see a $300 console from them taking off in a much more competitive market than when the Wii was launched

LOGICWINS2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I'm one third into the video and I think the people who bought a 3DS Day 1 shouldn't be complaining. No one put a gun to their head to buy a 3DS for $250.

The Gameboy had 5 revisions, the DS had 3 this point you should have enough common sense to realize Nintendo's game.

Good things always come to those who wait.

Btw, you make a good point about this decreasing the amount of early adopters for future Nintendo products, however Nintendo likely already knows this which means they may start selling their future consoles at a LOSS to lure in early adopters with an attractive price point(I believe u mentioned this in the video).

Expect the Wii U to be $200-$250 with a game bundled in.

bacrec12576d ago

Absolutely not guys. Getting 120 dollars worth of stuff for free makes me one happy 3DS Ambassador. Any other company would have said "Sorry about your damn luck".

DOOMZ2576d ago

Am pissed... I should have known better... Selling mine ASAP!

axisofweevils2575d ago

You'll get less money for it now.

DOOMZ2575d ago

I figure, my 3DS + Zelda... $200...

charmer2576d ago

price cuts are can tell nintendo haters and sony fanboys dont like the move since psvita...will lose like i already knew

Tito082573d ago

Nintendo dropped the price a very few months after launch, it still feels like launch period, and that's a huge price drop, Sega dropped the price for the Dreamcast and still DC tanked, A price drop this huge and fast ain't that normal!!!!!