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Catherine should be commended for its courage to highlight not only two untapped genres, puzzle and adventure, but also combining them together into what can only be called a contemporary video game. Its mature themes, both sexual and religious, never step beyond the bounds of vulgarity and are treated respectfully and provocatively: It's actually mature.

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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LostTokens2613d ago

VERY good to hear. I can't wait to spend serious time with Catherine!

Trexman892613d ago

I've been loving Catherine so far. Great puzzle game and the story is actually holding my interest.

BigPete79782613d ago

I love the game, but am stuck on the 4th boss. :(

Hicken2613d ago

I'm on the third... well, I guess it's the fourth? The Bride. She keeps whoopin my ass!

BigPete79782613d ago

Yep, that would be the one :(

stormeagle62613d ago

Good to know that this one is worth looking into.

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