SFX-360: Total Miner: Forge Review (XBLIG)

I am one who loves a good romp around while spelunking from the safety of my apartment but it seems everyone is always hanging off of someone’s else toe lines to reap the benefits. I do not want to be harsh with this review because everyone has to start somewhere, but every “PC Inspired” mining import for Xbox 360 just does not work because of the lack of mouse and keyboard.

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bozebo2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Uh? How is the controller a problem.

The only keys I use for minecraft are wasd...

But anyway, minecraft is on its way to xbla - though it has some kind of kinect implementation which can't be anything beyond retarded; as long as it isnt mandatory it won't be a problem.

HK62542d ago

If all you use is WASD how do you open your inventory?

bozebo2542d ago

wasd and tab.... how many buttons does a console have? more than the 1 needed for the inventory

tgh machines2542d ago

It's actually a pretty good game. I've put in quite a bit of time into it. Plus it has split screen, which already makes it better than minecraft in my book.