End of the Week: Smack: Why Is There Voice Chatting Again?

End of the Week writes:

"I was playing Reach today and a weird thought struck me. After trading some insults with some other players I couldn’t help but wonder why gamers feel the need to talk so rudely towards one another. Having been guilty of doing this myself, I turned inward for an answer and what I discovered didn’t at all answer the question. Why do gamers boast about their ability in a game? And an even better question is why do gamers feel such a strong urge to belittle those not as adept as they are at playing?"

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Mike_Tha_Hero2607d ago

It's a win/lose situation. It really depends on the game and it's following for the most part.

gamingdroid2607d ago

I think it is also becoming a culture to act like that.

Ironically, the reason children do it, is because the learned it from the adults!!!

Kee2607d ago

They're blowing off some of the stress that comes with being a 12 year old going through puberty.

I've noticed in call of duty that if you go into a game with people with deeper voices (a sign that they're older) you can have a much more enjoyable game. Me and my friend went into a game and made new friends with these nice irish dudes who were sharing team tactics for search and destroy and we got through a game without the childish name calling and the effective (but sometimes funny) communication and interactions between our team helped us win games and have a heck of a lot of fun.

seinfan2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

You'll run into idiots anywhere, though. I was playing RDR last night, and a guy that sounded like he was at least in his late teens or early twenties couldn't help but talk trash every time he killed somebody. They try to be funny, but they're just annoying. Maybe it's an inferiority complex.

bozebo2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

It's usually the bad players that feel the need to trash talk. I just silently pwn then flame back at idiots who say I'm cheating because they can't comprehend somebody being able to aim (in halo, cod and bf that is).

In BC2 I do sometimes flame at idiot teammates who are sniping and only have 1 kill and about 10 deaths. A sniper has no excuse to not have nearly the most kills, they suck if they only have a few kills and would be better at the front line as fodder so I can make my way through with the overpowered UMP and get the objective planted :P

Oh also, on XBL there have been way less people talking. A LOT less than back in original XBL (where it was about 95-99% of people). Even in 2007-2008 most people had a mic. Now there's only ever 2 or 3 other people who speak at all per match. I would rather have text-chat in a PC game where everybody is inclined to take part (who would be playing but not have a kbd? lol).

seinfan2607d ago

There's less people talking in the game probably because they're in parties. I almost never talk to others in the game that I don't know because I'm talking with real-life friends in a party.

news4geeks2607d ago

Imagine what it must be like being that guy in the picture and having his ugly face used across the internet. Kind of looks like the mod cgoodno actually :p I jest.

PC gamers are the worst for being big headed online closely followed by xbox live. PSN isn't as bad because a lot of people don't use a headset. True for pc too but the text chat is pure flame all the time.

optimus2607d ago

as an older but casual gamer i tend not to talk in games because most of the time it's a bunch of kids either singing or making stupid noises. granted i'm not as good as they are anymore and they'll make fun of me by calling me names or hunt me down for an easy kill. multiplayer games stop being fun when everyone decides to gang up on you. my solution is simply to disconnect my mic. which is what the author of this article should have done when he let his little sister play.

Anon19742607d ago

I'm in the exact same boat. I'm an older gamer and I just don't talk in-game because there is no point. It's very rare that anyone uses the mics to play the game, it's just a method to deliver abuse. I know it's taboo to say it, but I found the problem was a lot worse playing on XBL when I had it as well. Even though there's problems on the PSN, it seems to be a bit of a cultural phenomena. Get into a match with a bunch of Brits and 9 times out of 10 it's going to be a more civilized experience then playing with people from the US. In fact, next time someone is being really arrogant or abusive - check his gamercard. What country is he from? Trying this experiment myself - 100% of the time it's some kid from the US. I'm sure there's assholes everywhere, but that's just been my experience.

And I think that's where the Xbox suffers a bit online. With the majority of Xbox's sold in the US and this being a bit of a US cultural thing, those of us not from the US can find the experience of playing on XBL a bit jarring compared to playing with lobbies of Canadians and Europeans which seem to make up more of the PSN crowds.

Just an observation. I won't touch games like Call of Duty or Halo anymore online (well, that and I no longer subscribe to XBL). I find games like Warhawk, MAG and Killzone to be much more civil by comparison. There are problems everywhere with online gaming, but that's just been my experience.

I know Microsoft patented software a few years ago that would actively censor live audio streams - and I can only assume it was to clean up XBL. What happened to it, Microsoft?

In the meantime - I think gamers everywhere need to make active use of the reporting features. That's what they're there for. We have to take some responsibility as players that we allow this behavior to go unchecked. If everyone in a lobby stood up to the racist, homophobic, foul-mouthed 12 year olds out there and reported them and booted them from our lobbies, the problem would be minimized in no time.