SBG: Ten games we want in the 3DS Ambassador program

SBG: "Nintendo’s announcement yesterday of a 3DS price drop was accompanied by an offer of free games for early adopters. Called the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, it provides ten NES games and ten GBA games to people who buy the system before August 12. Here’s the thing: only five of each are announced yet. Here’s what we want from the remaining ten, keeping in mind the company’s previous announcements."

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Misterhbk2487d ago

why isn't pokemon fire red on that list?

Jirachi2487d ago

It just wouldn't work on 3ds unless they remove the trading feature,because for some reason when nintendo makes vc games they make them as bare bones as possible,sometimes remove key features like how they removed rumble from the vc version of mario kart 64.

jacksonmichael2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

They are implementing multiplayer for these at some point... They just wouldn't be able to trade with cartridges or cards (one would assume).