Racing God Lineup for 2011

The Racing genre is far from dead!,With Forza 4 , World Rally championship 2, and Formula One 2011 all coming Late September or October. The last 6 months of the year are looking every bit a racing enthusiast’s dream come true!

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Hicken2545d ago

F1 looks good. The colors looked weird on that Forza video...

Dwalls11712545d ago

Hmm what is that racer that sold 7million copies last year ??

Si-Fly2545d ago

What the one that wasted the top gear license and had 800 PS2 cars? That was called Gran Turismo 5.

Quagmire2545d ago

Forza 4 looks epic as anything, cant wait.

BlmThug2545d ago

Forza LCE. Cant wait to drive the Buggati Veyron SS

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