Resistance 3 Hands-On Preview - JPS

JustPushStart writes: "We were lucky enough to be invited to a hands-on preview of Sony’s upcoming FPS blockbuster, Resistance 3. Although we were only given one hour to play the game, from what we’ve seen so far, Resistance 3 is shaping up to be an explosive action blockbuster. The preview code was long enough to grasp the some of the game’s story and to see the amount of action that players can expect to see when Resistance 3 is released in September."

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disturbing_flame2615d ago

"You’re immediately forced to fight for your life and it really gets your heart pumping the moment you first pull the trigger."

reminds me :

trollkill2615d ago

im in beta visually res3 has dissappointed me and is nowhere as good as todays standards. character animations suck and ppl look stiff with heads pasted to shoulders. However mp is still fun but res2 just looks and feels better.

xtremegamerage2615d ago

Resistance 3 beta.

PROS- Better shaders, better lighting, better particle fx.
Better weapons/feel etc.

CONS-Big resolution drop/ Sketchy animations.

If they could bump up the rez and fix the anims, it would be a big winner.

DrFUD2615d ago

they say they cannot comment if it's better than the others because they never played those.
Why even bother playing 3 then.
And why write about 3 if you know nothing