New Forza 4 Footage - 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

Dual Pixels - Forza 4, Xbox 360's flagship racer releases later on this year. Microsoft gave us a chance to preview Forza 4 recently and we have some off-screen footage of the 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO.

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JokesOnYou2487d ago

Yeah, Forza4 is looking amazing, I like when dev's talk less and let the game speak louder than any words.

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disturbing_flame2487d ago

Great update, the most beautiful Forza i've ever seen.

IQUITN4G2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Either this is some disgruntled PS3 owner trying to make the game look bad or the very worst gamer. It's as if he was trying to crash back and fourth int the sides with no real attemp made to correct steering

From what i've seen and read of this new wireless steering wheel, it works a bloody treat

Actually i will take that back- it might be someone genuinely less able to control the device due to whatever reason and that's fairly ignorant of me

Please rob a bubble


Nah... it looks like he doesn't play many car game though.

SmokeyMcBear2487d ago

he's probably playing with kinect.

dirthurts2487d ago

It shows the little speed wheel at the first of the video. That new wireless thing ms put out.

kingdoms2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Thinking the same thing. I've seen people play with the motion wheel and it was natural in comparison to the controller. Smokeymcbear and cgoodno always troll kinect articles. The wheel doesn't use kinect to track skeletons. hell does kinect even have anything to do with the speed wheel operation ? Lol

SmokeyMcBear2487d ago

does that mean the wheel is just really terrible?

Lyr1c2487d ago

At first I thought he was just trying to check if there would be any damage dealt to the car....But then he just kept running into walls.

I dunno....He probably just sucks.

r212486d ago

or the dude just sucks at racing games?
fanboy paranoia is crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.