Kakashi Chronicles Characters Confirmed For Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Siliconera writes, "Early leaks from Shonen Jump confirm three more characters for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. According to Tale Tale Source, CyberConnect2′s fighting game will include characters from the Kakashi Chronicles chapter."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2572d ago


Dwalls11712572d ago

You no what sucks about the naruto anime...NARUTO ....i mean come on every time the world is in trouble naruto is the only ninja who can save the dam day --_________-- out of allllll the ninja he is the guy ..naruto blows the show should be called sasuke.....and kakasi sucks by the way

Lavalamp2572d ago

Is this your first Shōnen series?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2572d ago

No he doesn't. He doesn't even really fight all that often. His Pain battle is the only huge fight he had. His fight against Itachi was just fail. He fought Deidara and let him get away. I don't count his fight against Orochimaru cuz technically it was the Kyuubi fighting not him....and he lost. Then shortly after that Sasuke made short work of him in 3 mins flat. He showed up to kill Kakuzu when he was already weakened by Kakashi. Then He fought Pain.

rdgneoz32572d ago

Damn, curious how many characters this game will have. I know it won't have much in the way of story seeing as the anime has only gone so far since the last game, but there are gonna be so many characters to play around with in MP.

x5exotic2572d ago

"An Unknown Evil villain shows up and causes multiple time wholes" just like every other generations story :P


You may aswell wait until the story of naruto is over then you will get a complete game instead of buying these games that seem to come out every year with slight character additions etc

x5exotic2572d ago

story of naruto over? correction 1= naruto has no story
correction 2= it's "story" will never end as long as they're getting paid
3. they might as well make games for every filler arc...


It clearly does have a

could possibly be true,

You missed the pont, I didnt question them making the games for every arc, I said you should just pick up the later games for a more complate experience as they will obviously have more content.

Dwalls11712572d ago

Do not waste your money on this game......its storm 2 with a few new charactets....nothing is new you have been warned

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