Sonic Generations : Someone’s dashing through the Chemical Plant

The next level for Sonic Generations has been shown and it is a massive fan favourite of mine, the Chemical Plant zone from the fantastic Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which we first saw way back in 1992. How have SEGA made this zone into a 19 year later masterpiece? Take a look at these screenshots to see for yourself

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TVippy2609d ago

Looks not that bad, but I bet it doesn't have the same atmosphere, which is mostly created by the music.
You know what, I wanna Chip and Dale 2 remade with original music. Would be cool, but ain't gonna happen.

princejb1342609d ago

wow this look awesome, makes me want to actually buy this game

Darkseeker2609d ago

I want this game now. This is the first one since Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 that I can't wait for. Well, there was also Sonic Colors, but this one looks even better.

DigitalAnalog2609d ago

If they are willing to make "Azure Lake" from Sonic 3 an ACTUAL LEVEL!

-End statement