Nintendo Bails Furiously but the Worst May Be Yet to Come

E-Times: Nintendo has taken drastic measures to spur sales, but it appears the battered ship may be heading into heavier weather. Its once-dominant Wii has become a has-been, and its 3DS, which was supposed to stir up interest until the next Wii console came out, has been collecting dust on store shelves. Meanwhile, that next console -- the Wii U -- could be a nonstarter

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Fishy Fingers2519d ago

Here come the arm chair analysts.

news4geeks2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

at least we're not paid to make dubious predictions :)

Foxgod2519d ago

So instead of sony is doomed, we get nintendo is doomed articles for the next two years?

PirateThom2519d ago

Wii U won't flop, bar the Virtua Boy (and possibly the 3DS if it continues the current trend), Nintendo's hardware, even if it doesn't sell huge sells well and still makes Nintendo a profit and still sees support from Nintendo. I think Nintendo's real problem is that although Wii sold insanely well, they didn't support it from a gamer's perspective as well as they should.

Sadly, Nintendo seem to have misunderstood what gamers want AGAIN with the WiiU as they show off a bunch of games that will be out on other platforms long before the WiiU launches and, launching in between gens, will help them for a while with easy ports of current gen games, but ultimately, developers are calling for more from consoles and if Sony and Microsoft go above and beyond Nintendo again, Nintendo are just not going to get the third party games or they'll get cut down versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.