Double Fine still considering Trenched DLC, no official plans yet

Recently, the guys at Rebel FM gave us some hope that Trenched DLC could be on its way. While it’s clearly possible that XBLA Fans misunderstood his remarks, Matt Chandronait mentions some Trenched stuff he is playing he can’t talk about. If you want to hear it for yourself, check out the 57:30 mark on episode 108 of the Rebel FM Podcast.

XBLA Fans immediately reached out to Double Fine and received word from Greg Rice that no Trenched DLC is currently in the works; however, Double Fine has not ruled out the possibility.

Ideally, the team at XBLA Fans would love the addition of a survival mode

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cain1412611d ago

I would love Trenched DLC.

hazelamy2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

i would think they'd be better of focusing on finishing the game and releasing it first

ok i just discovered it's just europe that hasn't got it, apparently some board game maker sued over the name because their board game, trench or something, that has almost no similarities to trenched other than trenchbeing in the title and that it's set in wwii