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Playstationlifestyle: "The last Call of Juarez was a good game. Techland had a great foundation to build upon and there isn’t a reason why The Cartel isn’t at least a decent game. The game feels like the developers assembled it at the last minute and they didn’t even bother to play test it."

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firemassacre2573d ago

no way, this game is a 6 or 7 out of 10 not a 1. it has some value to it and its pretty fun.

Lifewish2573d ago

I can't even see giving the game a 6 or 7.. i mean what I played was pretty dang bad

Trexman892573d ago

The game feels like a poorly made PS2 game. The writing is shit, the AI is dumber than a rock, and this game has way more bugs than what should be acceptable. If you had fun with the game, that's great, but don't try to say it is a good game.

ftwrthtx2572d ago

This game must really suck to be a 1 out of 10. OUCH!

stonecold32572d ago

it was ubisoft who made the game not thq.

Rob9462572d ago

Come on seriously a 1? I played the game and yeah it was nothing special but it was still a decent shooter. The 3player co-op was suprisingly a lot of fun and I think this game deserves a 5 at the very least, I would give it a 7 after my playthrough anyway.

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