Ten Characters That Went From Chump To Champ

Megabits of Gaming writes: "It must be nice to burst forth into the game world as a well rounded and fully realised paragon of coolness and capability, but just like in real life, not everyone gets a lucky break. Some guys have to work for it."

Here are our favourite characters who turned out alright in the end - probably saving the world along the way.

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Bojeeva2608d ago

Red Dead and Infamous are good examples of characters that turned their lives round. What about Mercer in Prototype? He kind of became a champ in the end

Brownghost2608d ago

what about gta niko or cloud from final fantasy

Tortilla2608d ago

Yeah, Niko's a good one. Actually, loads of the characters from GTA IV could be classed as coming good by the end of the game - Niko, Brucie, Little Jacob

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