Video Games Did Not Cause the Norway Shooting

Game Revolution: "It's the same old tired story: something bad happens, and the older generation has to find something that must have corrupted the youth."

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TryingToHabeeb2490d ago

Marilyn Manson must have been in on it too.

Don't forget bowling as well. Do they have that in Norway?

stormeagle62490d ago

I dunno I think curling is big over there or something.

Tommykrem2490d ago

Not really, we're just really good at it :)
While Canada has this huge Curling support we've got four people who has it for a hobby. Best winter sports nation in the world!

Haha, pardon my patriotic rambling.
Here you go:

Sev2490d ago

Al Queada uses GTA at their camps for training. Duh!

dbjj120882490d ago

But... but... blaming video games is so much easier!

Trexman892490d ago

that's the key word, "easy." the idea that there will alway be mentally deranged people that fall through the cracks, and there is very little you can do about it, isn't a very comfortable idea, so people choose a scapegoat.

Tommykrem2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I'm sure someone out there said gaming is behind this. Just like someone thinks freemasons are behind this. The truth is that the media, at least international media and just about every newspaper and TV channel imaginable here in Norway, has payed an absolute minimum attention to gaming in this case, even though Breivik mentioned that he had used games to train for the event and that he was a very active WoW player. This is beside the point here, and let's not even dignify the few idiots who think gaming is responsible, or carries even some of the responsibility for Brevik's crimes with any attention.

Oh, yeah, and the coop thing. Coop is pulling their games back, because they hardly even sell games. 90% of their stores don't sell games and 10% sell games at an outrageous price. So at a minimum loss they gain positive attention. They don't care about the medium and they've got nothing to lose on it. My money is on that they're just doing it for the PR, without pointing fingers. It's not going to work.

Kee2489d ago

Must be all the fish they're eating. Makes them mad and wanna kill people and then spend 5 hours grinding in warcraft to vent off their frustration.

insertcoin2489d ago

I think the killer also mentioned the world. So Norway, please ban the world...

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