8 famous films recreated in Avatar Kinect

Did you think our Dead Island: Secret Origins webseries would be GR’s only contribution to film? NAY! Avatar Kinect just dropped onto Xbox Live, and quite frankly, it makes all the work Tinsel Town puts into its productions look unnecessary and embarrassing. Avatar Kinect is capable of tracking you and your buddies’ real-time arm movements, facial expressions, and even lets you UNLEASH BIRTHDAY CONFETTI AT ANY TIME! Pull out the popcorn for this highly unorthodox preview…

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Echo3072520d ago

Holy crap, were they trying to get the Kinect to screw up the tracking of their arms? They were all over the place.

MintBerryCrunch2520d ago

Those movies deserve better than to be messed with by something like Avatar Kinect, honestly that was terrible

r212520d ago

god, that was to be*t