Deus Ex: Human Revolution - How conversation and hacking can work to your advantage

Some games may have trained you to run head first, guns blazing into a situation, but sometimes you can get just as much done with words. Our newest video in a series of exclusive, behind-the-scenes vignettes explains how Deus Ex often gives players an option to solve their problems by talking things out, convincing people to help you rather than shooting them. Of course if that fails, you can always hack into their computers and turn their security drones against them, as the second half of the trailer shows.

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BakedGoods2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Many games try to pull this off, and often the results are superficial.

Deus Ex actually allows for dynamic conversations. That is, there are say three dialog choices, then three more choices for each of those choices. And your options for conversation change as you learn more about the character and their situation. Even during the conversation you can change your mind and steer the dialog in a totally different direction. It's hard to describe, but it's great to play.

As someone who's played practically all of Bioware's/Bethesda's games, Deus Ex's conversation-system offers a truly an incredible experience.