New screens revealed Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. on Playstation 3

A handful of new screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming PSP remastered port for the Playstation 3, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver.

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-Mezzo-2572d ago

Will definitely buy this, Been waiting for PS3 Monster Hunter since 2008. =]

Quagmire2572d ago

Thats IF capcom localizes it...

Deadman_Senji2572d ago

If they don't cancel it first.

Lyr1c2572d ago

@ above

Too soon.

I'm still hurting over here.

Nitrowolf22572d ago

I have been waiting since PS3 was announced and Capcom was rumored to have Tri for PS3. I doubt we will see a full pledge MH game on PS3 (most likely be on 360 also)
Well heres hope to localization

BX812572d ago

The 360 has MH frontier last I saw. Not sure if it released already and who will get to play it.

Cereal2572d ago

And you'll STILL be waiting for a PS3 Monster Hunter because this is nothing but a PSP Port.

fatalis952572d ago

the psp portable 3rd isn't getting localised until 2012. i'm just gonna import

VINNIEPAZ2572d ago

Really? Where did you hear that from, I already imported (Over 100 HRs game play!) but wouldn't mind getting my hands on a US copy! This would be great news!

fatalis952572d ago

someone from capcom said it probably the vita version.

WetN00dle692572d ago

Wow it looks freaking nice!

maruyuki2572d ago

i just want to know if its going to have online. the video they showed really looked like they weren't direct on the online issues.

it seemed like you can only play it with other psps? i dont see the sense in that

fatalis952572d ago

it connects 2 other ps3's aswell as psp through ad-hoc party. hope the ps3 can use ad-hoc wirelessly

r212572d ago

whats fun about this Monster Hunter series? not trolling, asking for real :L

Miiikeyyy2571d ago

Massive choice of weapons and armour, going out and slaying monsters and coming back with rewards to create more armour and weapons! going on hunts with friends and having a great time! The game is amazing, easily my favourite franchise!!! omg I'm excited just talking about this!

Quagmire2571d ago

Its in the title. You hunt big ass monsters.