Is Madden ’12 going to be an absolute disaster?

Joe writes - "I’d be hesitant to purchase this years Madden on August 30th, and not just because Danny Woodhead got snubbed for the cover.

The lockout created alot of snags in the NFL’s offseason routine, and was arguably more devastating to American livelihood than the debt crisis. We’ve complained about only having to watch baseball, being behind on our fantasy scouting and rushed training camps."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2615d ago

Have not all madden games been a disaster? same game every year just new roster.

divideby02615d ago

^ agreed, but yet I buy it every year when its on sale and its the most played game in the house.. I am not buying this years game, unless something is improved significantly

exact can be said for COD.. which is the Madden of shooters, but it sells and it gets played a lot

evrfighter2615d ago

aren't they adding the impact engine to madden 12?

NyGiants72614d ago

They said they improved a lot in this years game like Franchise mode, superstar mode, and they added in a diffrent tackling engine or something like that, better camera angles and presentation. Theres plenty of developer videos to watch and check it out for yourself.

Personally I think Madden hasn't been good since PS2 but this years game might finally be the next gen Madden fans have been waiting for.

Rainstorm812615d ago

I doubt it, this is their last year of NFL exclusivity..... EA will try to pull out all stops to prove they deserve to keep it and i think Madden fans will be treated to the best Madden this gen....

thugbob2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Nope it ends in 2013 so Madden 14 will be the last if they don't extend it...

CrzyFooL2615d ago

it'll be more of the same. I'll stick to Madden 94 on SNES baby!!

256bit2615d ago

this why nfl2k2 still holds up to this day/

MaverickStar72615d ago

You haters crack me up. Come back to reality.

MysticStrummer2615d ago

In my reality, I haven't bought a new Madden since 05 and dont feel like I've missed a thing. It is indeed like Call of Duty. Virtually the same game year after year. If you like it, good for you, but many people don't want to pay full price for what is essentially a very slight upgrade from the previous year.

MaverickStar72615d ago

Of course I like it, good for me. But you have to wonder about the people that go out of their way to complain about a game they don't like, don't play and/or don't buy. Maybe we are playing different games, the ones I buy have lots of new things every year. Seeing as you haven't bought one in six years your information might be a bit off. Good day.

thugbob2615d ago

Madden is trash!

It's not a football simulator. It's just some arcade BS for fun.

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